WorthPlaying: Zoids Assault Review

WorthPlaying writes: "As an Xbox 360 owner and an avid RPG fan, I'm very glad to see more of this oft-ignored genre coming to the system. Particularly pleasing was the fact that Atlus, a company that usually focused on the PlayStation and Nintendo DS, was lavishing its attention on the 360. Unfortunately, Atlus' releases have been mostly lackluster. Operation Darkness and Spectral Force 3 both suffered from being visually unimpressive and bland, but they had something over Zoids Assault, the latest offering from Atlus. They could be fun, which is more than anyone can say about Zoids Assault

The "story," such as it is in Zoids Assault, tells of a cold war between two fictional warring nations, which is threatened by the appearance of a new weapon that is capable of launching nuclear weapon strikes from a distance, something that was previously thought incapable. It seems like an interesting enough idea, but the actual story is dry and boring, and made even more so by the unbelievably lame way in which it is told. Instead of engaging characters and interesting backdrops, 90 percent of the story is told through still pictures with a long, drawn-out monologue recounting off-screen events. You don't even get to participate in many of these events. You play as Mace Squad, who spends most of its time just off-screen from the actual important characters. The other 10 percent of the story is told through still shots of newspapers with text superimposed over it, and it manages to be even duller than the still-picture monologues. The incredibly lackluster story line could be forgiven if the gameplay managed to be exciting, but Zoids Assault's gameplay is less interesting than the plot segments."

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