GameSpot: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed DS Review

GameSpot writes: "The concept behind Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is undeniably great. You're granted a host of extremely powerful Force abilities and set free to use them to your heart's content, wreaking beautiful, Force-fueled havoc in a galaxy far, far away. But that concept is compromised on the DS; you'll notice the game's limitations more than its freedoms."

The Good

* Force abilities feel powerful
* Very interesting plot

The Bad

* Implementation of Force abilities feels limiting
* Too easy
* Unimpressive visuals
* Poor sound design
* Only around four hours long.

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Drekken3682d ago

This game should of concentrated on NEXTGEN machines instead of spreading itself thin. Its a sloppy whore of a game... sad day for gamers anticipating this game :(

fiercescuba3682d ago

Agreed and bubbles. You really can't make a game multiplatform to the extent its on every possible gaming device. Besides consoles, its on DS and iPhone and maybe the PSP?

Too bad the game isn't even that great on the consoles. :( Was really looking forward to this. Now its a weekend rental instead of a purchase.