The Force isn't with 'Unleashed'

Pete Metzger writes:

"Lame characters (such as the stereotypical sexy female copilot and jive-talking robot sidekick) and even lamer cutscreens aside, Unleashed isn't a miserable game. It's great fun to use the telekinesis of the Force to create a big mess. It's just disappointing that this couldn't be the one product that finally sets the "Star Wars" universe right."

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Jamegohanssj53682d ago

Failed at an attempt of making me laugh.


TheColbertinator3682d ago

May the flop be with you.

How about that one?

Mwaan3682d ago

Should have stayed leashed?

TheColbertinator3682d ago


I wish LJWooly was here.That guy is hella witty

iceman28853682d ago

I'm with you on that, how is that a flop.

I'm sorry, but I guess I didn't get the memo about flop/terrible game status. When did an 80/100 signify a flop/terrible game. I just don't get it. I see all these comments on The Force Unleashed topics about how this game is a flop and it sucks. Yet everywhere I look the reviews are giving it about 80/100, 4/5, and B/A+.

Pain3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Well Yea i cant go WIPPING it Out are ill cause a Hurricane. and u yanks dont need more of them.

oh my bad The Force isn't "with" Unleashed

o o
o O

NanoGeekTech3682d ago

I rented it this morning.........for PS3

Toolster3682d ago

How about, Use the force Luke, Im out of lube :)

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