Yuppie Psycho - A brand-new adventure survival horror game from the devs of The Count Lucanor

Baroque Decay Games has just announced their brand-new adventure/survival horror game "Yuppie Psycho", and so far the game looks pretty darn impressing.

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Pingal1534d ago

Looking forward for it.

TGG_overlord1534d ago

The Count Lucanor is freaking awesome (my gameplay video: so I´m going to give this one ago asap =)

Christopher1534d ago

An 8 to 5 job where you sit at a desk all day wondering where you went wrong with your life, best horror story ever.

TGG_overlord1534d ago

I had a job that´s very similar to the one that´s shown in the video...It was THE most depressive period in my whole life (SSDD, the eternal hamster wheel).