WipEout HD: Wiped Gameplay HD

Gametrailers have posted a new gameplay video of the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive WipEout HD. WipEout HD will be available on the PlayStation Store on September 25th for US$19.99.

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pwnsause3685d ago

oh S**t!!! look at that amazing Detail!

1080p> anti-aliasing!

MURKERR3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

the actual games you can buy on psn destroy the games on live...the pixel junk series,pain,siren,superstardus t,wipeout,everydayshooter,ratc het&clank,calling all cars,flow,flower... etc

when you think about it psn is leading the way forward in downloadable software

thor3685d ago

pwnsause - I swear there's a lot a anti-aliasing in wipeout HD. At least in the high-def videos on the PS store there is.

Fishy Fingers3685d ago

I imagine they're running 1080p 2xAA

thor3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I don't quite know why you think that 1080p is better than anti-aliasing. There _is_ anti-aliasing in Wipeout HD, otherwise it would not look good at all. Anti-aliasing is the process of oversampling each pixel, so instead of taking 1 snapshot of the scenery per pixel, and then your pixel is either, say, on your craft or on the track, you take 2, or 4, or whatever the AA level is, samples and let's say 1 was on your craft and 3 on the track. It would blend these together (average the colour values) so that you get a nice smooth non-jaggy edge on your craft. Downsampling a 1080p picture to a low-quality vid achieves this effect (except the pixel samples are aligned more than in most AA algorithms). If you view a 1080p NON-anti-aliased image vs. a 720p image with high anti-aliasing, the 720p image will look better, due to FAR fewer jaggies. If you downscale both of these to fit on a youtube vid the greater level of detail on the 1080p image will make it look better, becasue the extra "anti-aliasing" caused by the downscale has little to no effect on the 720p image, but makes the 1080p image look much better.

Motion3685d ago

I dont know why anyone would disagree with you.

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cahill3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

No wonder PS3 has the best gaming lineup for Fall

M2/R2/SOCOM/LBP/NARUTO/WIPEOU T HD/VALKYRIE --too many games on PS3 this Fall

Wipeout runs at 1080p at 60 fps --only possible on PS3

DJ3685d ago

Couldn't take away from this game's beauty. WOW.

remanutd553685d ago

getting it on september 25th

Max Power3685d ago

good eyes, had to watch it again after your comment. Interesting Trophy.

Bits-N-Kibbles3685d ago

I didn't see it, but I heard it.

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The story is too old to be commented.