The Force Unleashed Best Star Wars game since Dark Forces? - Review @ Gameplayer

Gameplayer, who had previously spoken up against the early review scores of the latest Star Wars game, has gone live with their review. It documents the game in great details and ultimately declares it the best action Star Wars experience since the original Dark Forces.

"Star Wars has never been short of ambition. From the humble beginnings of A New Hope, one directive seems to have been paramount in any product that carries the Star Wars name: "push the envelope". The Force Unleashed is no exception."

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PoSTedUP3782d ago

shadows of the empire (N64)
starwars: rouge squadron (N64)
Battlefront1 (ps2)
battlefront2 (ps2)
oh and lego starwars was fun too : P

InMyOpinion3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

KOTOR 1 & 2 on the XBOX. Easily the best SW games. Played the Battlefront games on my XBOX, they were great as well.

Julie3782d ago

I agree , KOTOR I and II on PC, and Jedi Knight too, those was the best Star Wars games for me (imo) :=)

SlappingOysters3782d ago

The Knights of the Old Republic games
And X-wing vs. TIE fighter.

I must admit I have very fond memories of Dark Forces - that game was rad!

Sucks2BU3782d ago

there was a pod racing game that was pretty sweet. And what was the Starfighter game early on in the PS2's lifetime called, that was cool too.

Still The Force Unleashed really sounds like my cup of tea!

SlappingOysters3782d ago

That the metacritic score for the X360 version is higher that it is for the PS3 version. Is there actually any difference between the two games or is it merely reviewers being a little harsher?

Sucks2BU3782d ago

I know that the Wii version is totally different. Like the way the wii and X360 versions of the last Pirates of the Caribbean games were different.

But Wii is $hit so who cares anyway

InMyOpinion3782d ago

I'm betting Eurogamer will include it in their next comparison.

DeadlyFire3782d ago

My favorite SW game is still Dark Forces and Jedi Knight series. This review gives me hope, but I still doubt the game is as fun as Jedi Knight is on my PC.

ZackFair3782d ago

This game had the best story in a long time.

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