Player 2's Best Indies of 2016

The Player 2 crew sit down and come up with a list of their favourite indie titles for the year. Check out these top titles

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DashArrivals1374d ago

I can't believe The Witness did not get nominated for game GOTY. It's the best puzzle game I've ever played... in my entire life. I know it's different, but it was way better than INSIDE. I finished both and loved both. But, THE WITNESS, is on another level of greatness.

InMyOpinion1374d ago

It's hard to compare the two. They are great in their own ways. Inside gets my personal indie GOTY.

PhantomTommy1373d ago

Damn right. I know some people are turned off by Johnathan Blow and some of the pretentious elements that unfortunately made it into the game, but It is by far the best puzzle game I've ever played.

DashArrivals1373d ago

I honestly loved everything about it. It's the most creative puzzle game of that size. I spent close to 200 hours in there. I tried to do everything and see everything without any help........ I'll never get that last trophy for the Platinum :-(