Revisiting: DOOM (1993)

ScreenCritics Shaun goes back to explore one of the most important video games ever released - id Sotware's iconic 'DOOM'.

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BoomNade1335d ago

Doom played on a 486 SX 25 MHz computer, the good old days :)

Shaun2k51335d ago

I still have our old family DOS computer - purely so I an play DOOM in all its DOS glory.

BoomNade1335d ago

Autoexec.bat and soundblaster pro 16 :)

Shuckylad1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

I first played doom in 1995 on the mega drive 32x. The worst version ever (except the snes version) but I had no comparison at the time and it blew my mind.
I remember having the PlayStation version with its incredible lighting and audio also.
Doom will forever be one of my biggest influences in my gaming life.

Shaun2k51335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

I remember being bemused by the PS1 version. All they changes they made to the lighting - felt like a different game. Things like throwing in DOOM 1 and 2 onto the same disc, and even putting Doom 2 enemies in the original Doom levels. It was mind blowing to a 5 year old.

MrChow6661335d ago

I remember playing doom on ps1 coop via link cable with a friend, that was damn fun!!