What's Wrong with Pre-Ordering Games?

Do you Pre-Order games? Why or why not?

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crazychris41241383d ago

Not anymore since Im tired of getting a broken game that requires months of patches to fix. Now just wait for most of the community to say its fun and runs great. Bought BF1 and Gears 4 when the PC community praised the games for its gameplay and performance. Skipped Mafia 3 and Horizon 3 which had problems at launch. I'll get them both next year when they get a sale.

isarai1383d ago

Yup, i do it because i have the money at the moment to do so, and instead of trying to hold onto it for months why not just pay fo it now? I also use it as a pseudo payment plan as it's far easier to pay $15 every paycheck for a couple months than it is to drop a full $60 on the spot. The key is i educate myself thoroughly on the game and its studio's track record before i make that decision, and so far it hasn't failed me for like 11years now

XXanderXX1383d ago

Just like the fellow commenter stated to pay it off and get it out the way , if it comes w/an incentive so be it .

CorndogBurglar1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

There's nothing wrong with pre-orders themselves. Stores like Gamestop (back in the day before they became crooked) started doing it as a way to have an idea of knowing how many copies of a game to buy. Before that games sold out regularly because rather than buy a large excess of copies that end up sitting on the shelf unpaid for, stores would under-buy and end up running out. It saved them from taking a loss in sales.

It wasn't until developers, or more accurately in most cases, production companies started taking advantage of it and using it to sell unfinished games that they plan to update later. Then they started with the pre-order bonuses to lure people in and the rest is history.

Hell, I remember the first pre-order bonus I ever got was for Soulcalibur 2. It came with an awesome Ivy T-shirt. Soulcalibur 2 is a great game and this was clearly before pre-orders became abused.

Point is, pre-orders themselves can actually be a great thing for both customers and retailers. Its mostly the publishers who are to blame for abusing it and turning them into what they are today.

OB1Biker1383d ago

When it means leaving a very small deposit at retailer you can cancel anytime it's a win win situation for the gamer. Digital is another story

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The story is too old to be commented.