Kojima shares Decima engine lighting and texture images

Today Kojima shared some images on Twitter that show off the capabilities of the Decima engine, using the rendered meeting room and the background of the TGA teaser trailer. In the shots we can see some of the environments with and without textures, and also a textureless Mads Mikkelsen that Kojima showed during PSX.

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S2Killinit2721d ago

Yeah it all looks pretty incredible.

Nyxus2721d ago

Yes, fortunately Kojima found a good new engine after losing the FOX Engine.

never4get2720d ago

Advertise "Photorealistic", yet the character looks dead, Kojima Twist! They Are. It is called "Death Stranding" afterall.

SuperbVillain2721d ago

reminds me of children of men a bit

Tussin1872721d ago

Now this is the kind of stuff we should be talking about and not all this rez and pixels crap. This game along with Horizon really should prove the talent it takes to make these amazing games. Whatever "K" these games run at really don't matter to me because they look insane. If you are looking at these games and the first thing that you think of is what rez the game is then you have a problem. That was the furthest thing from my mind after I watching this and Horizon. I just want to pop both of these into my system and enjoy the ride. That's gaming to me. We need to get back to that. Talent, in my eyes, trumps "power" any day of the week. Talent can make a system do things we never imagined no matter the specs. I'm not knocking any other system but that's why I've been a Sony fan from day 1. I really enjoy the games they put out. Sucker Punch, I'm waiting to see what you have been up to. At this point, I don't care what it is. I just want to see what you're working on because I know its going to be fantastic no matter what "K" it is. Enjoy games people on whatever you game on.

thejigisup2720d ago

I second and third this. I've been hearing too much about resolution and I am pretty sick of it. You can have a 16k game and it can look like complete trash. Discussions about ps4 pro and their checkerboarding for 4k, or how apparently the scorpio will natively support 4k are draining the life out of the gaming industry. Having 4k is the cherry on top for me, its not necessary but if its there, then great. I want to look at a game and know that it plays well, and it's even better when it looks beautiful too. There are plenty of games that are 720 or 1080 that are still absolutely amazing in terms of the look of the game. Tlou, GoW3, UC 3, all beautiful games and they don't need to be super high res for me to appreciate them. I think developers that use a little ingenuity and focus on the game rather than the resolution tend to produce better, and much more memorable gaming experiences regardless of resolution. The Decima engine is pretty amazing and i can't wait to see what else will come of it.

Kurdishcurse2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

"Whatever "K" these games run at really don't matter to me because they look insane"
your talking about textures then, and they cant look "insane" without it. textures are also based on its own resolution too. and the only reason why any games art style can flourish is also based on resolution. although i agree with your power vs talent argument, you wont do anything talenful without the power. you can be the most talented swimmer in the world but you wont be crossing the ocean without a powerful boat. that being said, i am more than satisfied with 1080p. but 30 fps should be long gone by now. the pro can do wonders, but sonys concentration on 4k is troubling.

i got a pro and the stability of the 30fps has been fantastic on ff15 and last gardian. i guess only time will tell. i just hope devs ignore sonys marketing campaign and keep stablizing and perfect frame stability and increase. then we can proceed to 4k.

EverydayGuy2721d ago

Can't wait to see what horizon looks like in the end with both teams sharing and building codes. Don't even know what kind of improvements this type of collaboration will bring which is exciting.

Ron_Danger2721d ago

It reminds me of the ps1 days when Mark Cerney was building game engines with Naughty Dog and Insomniac which lead to the developement of engines that rendered objects in the back ground with lower polygon counts verses the same models having high polygon counts when you were close to them. That's why the original Spyro the Dragon had such huge levels (at the time) on PS1.

Can't wait to see what's in store for PS4 gamers!

Nyxus2721d ago

It's good to see Sony's worldwide studios working together like this (though Kojima Productions is of course an independent studio, but still).

MyDietEqualsGames2721d ago

This game should be all but confirmed to involve dimensional travel. Says freaking "Blackhole" on Mads gun, in greek style writing.

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Is 2K Games actually making FIFA 25, the next “best” entry yet?

FIFA president Gianni Infantino teases the future of FIFA games in a brand-new interview, and NBA 2K24 studio 2K Games might be behind it.

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Cacabunga11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

I truly hope so.. day one buy

Ninver9h ago

Time for a change. Football games haven't evolved much.

Cacabunga9h ago

It’s tough when there is no competition

Abear213h ago

There’s PES and now we’ll have FC25 and FIFA so yes, but it is no longer true, shit is about to get real!

Now if we only had two viable options for Basketball and American football we’d be on to something.

anast8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

The barber shop and roulette wheel are going to be awesome.

Abear213h ago

Pay to win is the new free to play

CrimsonWing698h ago(Edited 8h ago)

It’ll be monetized to all hell, regardless

StormSnooper7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

Hmmm, let’s see how they do. If they riddle it with microtransactions, hell no. Otherwise, I’m excited.

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Sorry George Miller, but you’re wrong about the Mad Max game

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lelo2play1d 2h ago

Mad Max is a good game... George Miller should STFU.