KILLZONE: Where Does Guerrilla Games Take The Series From Here

When it comes to any Killzone title, whether you like the series or not, the industry is always compelled to marvel at the games technical prowess. Guerrilla Game can certainly make pretty games and Killzone Shadow Fall was no exception.


Killzone Shadow Fall spoilers have been removed from the article for those who have yet to play the game.

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UCForce676d ago

I still love Killzone series today. Maybe I will play Killzone Shadow Fall again.

naruga676d ago

an excellent idea would be to make a TPS Killzone game ala gears would be Day 1 for me

GtR35olution676d ago

I love killzone mercenary on the ps vita and i love the killzone 2 setting on it so I'd like them to continue killzone with that setting

ILostMyMind676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

I do not understand why the negative feedback. It would be a good idea to have a TPS in the KZ environment. And the PlayStation is in need of such a game. But maybe Resistance would be better.

ABizzel1675d ago

I keep saying Killzone : Resistance.

Hav ehte ISA and Helghast, fight against the Chimera.

DefenderOfDoom2675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

They went from FPS to TPS with RED FACTION . I would love another RED FACTION FPS game.

showtimefolks675d ago

Killzone 2 and resistance 2 were the most funny had last gen

Warzone in KZ2 and 8 player co op in resistance 2 were great

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morganfell676d ago

Coop in Shadowfall was the brutal best. No mercy for the weak in that game.

As for the future I would rather see them go back to the roots and let you play as the Helghast. Not some Helghast betraying their people - though Colonel Haka voiced by Sean Pertwee was a great character and my favorite in the first game - but rather let you be the bad guy for once. Bad through and through out to crush the ISA at any cost.

Majin-vegeta676d ago

But you do play as the bad guy...the ISA are the evil ones not Helghast

morganfell676d ago

@Majin - I get that but I am referring the manner in which public perception generally runs. The Helghast are always presented as if they are a version of the Nazis. Even the character design is meant to portray this.

FallenAngel1984676d ago

I still got to play through Killzone: Shadow Fall just to seen how the story progresses. This article drops too many spoilers for me to read through it all the way.

The_Sage675d ago

Without any spoilers, I can tell you that Shadow Fall does not directly relate to the previous games. I would have preferred a direct sequel to 3, but you don't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you get what you... Ah nevermind.

Espangerish676d ago

How about a remastered pack of the first 3 games (be awesome in 4K on the pro) followed by Killzone 5?

Shadowolf676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

A PS4 Pro optimized 4K remaster of Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 would be very well received.

b163o1675d ago

Now that's something I'd per order right now, as a matter of fact I'd just pay it off right now. Certified classic games....

KOIMOJO675d ago

I really wish they would just do Killzone 2 with multiplayer so it doesn't split the player base.... but aside of that reason it would make no sense XP

kneon676d ago

KZ1 would need a lot of work to bring it up to something suitable for this gen.

_-EDMIX-_676d ago

that actually sounds like a good idea. They could get bluepoint games to do the remaster of those games as they did a pretty good job on all the transfer jobs of Sony's titles.

I recently played through Shadow of the Colossus and Ico to prepare for the Last Guardian and realized just how great of a job at bluepoint games did with those remastered on PlayStation 3.

If Sony plans to always remaster some of their titles in the future I think it might be a good idea to purchase bluepoint games as their in-house porting team.

In regards to Killzone 5 I don't really know where this series should go but I would definitely love another Killzone.

EverydayJoe676d ago

I'm not sure why Killzone Shadow Fall was so critically recieved as flat. I really enjoyed it, and for a launch title it was best of the bunch, In my opinion.

UCForce676d ago

And it was much more polish than BF 4. I played KZSF online on launch with no problem.

Notellin676d ago

It was pretty much the only launch game i played. Always liked the killzone series for its multi-player.

_-EDMIX-_676d ago


Killzone shadow Fall pretty solid but I would still slide with Battlefield 4 being the better game simply because of the longevity of the game's multiplayer and its support but that's no knock to KillZone as dice currently is probably one of the best teams making a multiplayer first-person shooter series long-term.

Neoprime675d ago

But in BF4 you have tanks, armored vehicles, choppers, boats, and airplanes, KZSF hardly has anything that makes you fell like your playing military shooter.

_-EDMIX-_676d ago

Killzone shadow Fall is not a bad game but I'm not sure if I put it up to par with Killzone 2 or 3.

It's still a very good game for a launch title though I agree

Speak_da_Truth675d ago

Killzone Shadow fall gave all their maps for free even some weapons while you have to pay another $60 for BF4 season pass.

_-EDMIX-_675d ago

@speak- that's completely irrelevant to the Quality.

I own both titles and I can honestly tell you DICE is always going to make the better multiplayer game

That isn't to say that the Killzone games are bad in regards to multiplayer it's simply saying they're never going to be on par with something like the battlefield Series in fact most multiplayer games will not be on par with the battlefield series.

I would say right next to Call of Duty it's one of the most successful ongoing multiplayer series to ever be released to have this level of consistent success amongst its fan base.

as I said before the content released post-launch is completely irrelevant mind you Electronic Arts actually gave the downloadable content to Battlefield 4 for free not too long ago. They could have a huge levels of success charging for their post-launch content simply because their game is indeed that damn good.

I'm not entirely sure I would pay for any downloadable content to the Killzone series if it was charged for simply because I just don't see me playing at long-term like Battlefield once again this has nothing to do with the quality of Killzone, Guerilla Games makes an amazing game , it's simply that they're not going to touch a team like DICE in regards to multiplayer you're talking about probably one of the best teams to craft a multiplayer game in the world as consistently as they do.

Mind you that is nothing against Killzone as it's one of my favorite first person shooter series but I definitely don't pick that game up to play its multiplayer.

the post-launch content being free is completely irrelevant if the game doesn't have a quality multiplayer on par with something like Battlefield.

there's a reason why a record number of people still play Battlefield games long term.

Trust me once again I own both games and enjoy both series butt Battlefield is not going to have a single player like Killzone in the same respect Killzone is not going to have a multiplayer like Battlefield.

this team is world renowned for their balancing in complexity and there multiplayer games for a reason.

Speak_da_Truth675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

Where did I say Kz is on par withe the BF series? Who in their right mind can say that? Both are completely different kinds of shooters. I personally played Kz more than any BF game but I also know BF is more popular. My comment was directed towards what you said about BF being better because of the support. killzone Shadow Fall was well supported after release. Guerilla listened and communicated with their players on twitter on a daily basis. constantly releasing patches to meet the requests of the community. They gave us all the dlc maps for free.

For the record, Killzone Shadow fall had a quality multiplayer mode that was well balanced, required skill, and was fun. People always hated killzone because it wasn't as floaty as Cod or other fps. The weightiness of the guns and characters drove people away but that's what made me prefer Killzone to most shooters. I played Shadow Falls MP for a long time before i put it down and moved on but from time to time If I can find a game I still play it.

_-EDMIX-_675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

@speak- my comments are simply regarding that it was not supported anywhere near the degree that Battlefield was.

It was definitely supported my comment is not disregarding that simply not to the degree of Battlefield.

I'm sure the multiplayer in Killzone shadow Fall was fun.

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KOIMOJO675d ago

I think todays FPS players are a little narrow minded. Guerrilla games have always made games that don't really abide by the same FPS rules COD wrote and feel a little obtuse and always have mechanics that aren't typical. It's actually my favorite part of their games but also the same reason others feel meh about them :(

676d ago
_-EDMIX-_676d ago

That would be pretty awesome but which team would create it? I would actually like to see Sony outsourced a team to do that I'm not sure they have any team that could produce such a title currently. I would personally like them to get Sega to get Relic games to do a Killzone RTS.

Vegamyster676d ago

Personally I'd want one in the vein of Liberation from the PSP, gameplay still feels good and it had great replay value.

Neoprime675d ago

I already have most of the concepts down.

badz149675d ago

RTS? nah...fanboys will once again try to call it as Sony trying to copy Halo.

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