Disney Infinity Lives Again on PC with New ‘Gold Editions’

The Disney Infinity series has been re-released on PC, with all of each games' add-ons unlocked with a single purchase. Each of the three games can be bought individually, or in a package that effectively gets you one of the games for free.

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Yi-Long1746d ago

They should bring Infinity back completely. The potential is still huge, not just the Infinity games, but they could still implement the figures, old and new, in various games (Disney, Marvel, Star Wars) accross a wide variety of genres...

Mystogan1746d ago

The gameplay was awesome. I couldn't believe they nailed every characters abilities so perfectly. I thought they were going to all play pretty much the same at first.

BLAKHOODe1746d ago

I agree. My daughter and I loved playing the game together and had most of the 1.0 figures and all of the 2.0 and 3.0 figures. The problem is they made some figures that never should have been made, in part, because of movie tie-ins, like with "Time" from Alice In Wonderland. "Alice" and "Mad Hatter" were cool. They also produced too many of any one character and couldn't sell enough. If they would have worked out the math and focused more on in-demand, popular characters I believe they could have turned things around. Instead, they were getting ready to push 12" characters. I'm not sure how they thought that would be a good idea. Just poor planning all the way around. I'm so disappointed I'll never get to play as "Spider-Gwen", "Doctor Strange" or "Peter Pan" now. My kid would have loved to have the "Moana" figures. All of these were planned, too.

IndominusRex1746d ago

The characters were wayyyy tooo expensive and there were too many of them imo. Which is probably one of the reasons why this happened.

BLAKHOODe1746d ago

I'm amazed WWE hasn't tried the "toys-to-life" gimmick. I'd like to see them do it with a WWE All-Stars type game with a ring-shaped game pad to place the figures on, as well as tokens to set the type of matches, like a title match and/or cage match, etc.

gamer78041746d ago

thats not a bad idea at all, would be fun to see. we need a more user friendly wwe game than wwe2k games.