The Last Guardian Review - Super Deformed Gamescast

This is an incredible experience and one that isn't for everyone, but those that embrace it may find something deeply rewarding, emotional, and memorable.

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MagicBeanz2716d ago

Good review and another good score, awesome!

AmUnRa2716d ago

Thats the true, i'am getting it Sunday.


15 More Underrated PS4 Games You Probably Didn’t Play

GB: "With this feature, we run down 15 of the most underrated games on the PS4 that never received the love and appreciation they truly deserve."

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Christopher159d ago

I've played 15, and I wouldn't consider any of those underrated TBH. Some of them are pretty high rated.

banger88158d ago

That's amazing, Gamingbolt actually put all 15 games on the same page.

shinoff2183157d ago

I. Not seeing anything on that list underrated. I never played concrete genie, the ASTRO vr,and one other but I forgot the name already. Nothing on there was underrated at all imo.

persona4chie157d ago

There’s only 4 of those games I never played, and no most of those aren’t underrated.

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The Last Guardian Is One of Gaming’s Most Beautiful Depictions of Friendship

Friendship is hard to depict accurately, but The Last Guardian does a good job of showing all its ups and downs through Trico and the boy.

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NeedleEye842d ago

Technical issues aside, this is easily one of my favorite games from last gen.

ClayRules2012842d ago (Edited 842d ago )

I couldn’t agree more. I’ll never forget the emotional experience I had with this game. After waiting all those years, and than to finally play it. It was a visual beauty, along with offering a story/friendship between the 2 characters that was unique and unforgettable. Far surpassed my expectations. A masterpiece!

Technical issues aside, never have I played anything quite like it!

Magog842d ago

I enjoyed the game but it started out too simple and easy. If the entire game was as intense and challenging as the last 20% it would have been a 10/10 experience.

EvertonFC842d ago

Great game, so underrated. One of my favourites and top 20 games of all time

Phoenix76842d ago

I managed to grab the collectors edition for £40 about a year after it released. Was an enjoyable game, but I had just finished Shadow of the colossus, and whilst I enjoyed it, it was not as good when compared.

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Making Sense of Trico: The Last Guardian's Misunderstood Hero

To better understand why The Last Guardian's Trico clicked with some gamers and annoyed others, this article will explore the story behind the beast to see what makes it tick. Although a somewhat polarizing figure, Trico is a unique element of The Last Guardian that is equal parts captivating and mysterious. While some appreciate the beast's realism and unpredictability, other found the strange creature to be a tad too frustrating.

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Trilithon1116d ago

unique classic with a high quality sound track