2TB SSD PS4 PRO | Hard Drive Test | Dishonored 2, MW Remaster & More

Josh from SR says, "We test out the MX300 from Crucial, a 2 Terabyte SSD that’s worth nearly £500. However, does its high price point yield lightening speed?"

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Razputin1782d ago

How about the stock speeds of of the Pro?

I would have assumed the Pro would already shave a second or two off the load times.

DaNxtLT1782d ago

Actually, the PS4 pro doesn't even ship with the SATA 3 drive that it has to potential to have..

mikeslemonade1782d ago

hehe a SSD that is more expensive than the actualy PS4 pro. You people are silly to spend so much on storage devices. Just go with 500gb or under for SSD.

BizarroUltraman1782d ago

Yeah true...but then again Sony left you the option to make it better. I wont be going bonkers for an SSD. If I can get one on clearnace or sale fine but Im still holding out for that seagate barracuda 2T sshd that seems to be sold out everywhere.

jznrpg1782d ago

@mikeslemonade why are people silly? Some ppl can afford it, my sister wanted to buy me something but I couldn't think of anything but the SSD. $ value is relative

nitus101782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

The PS4pro does have a SATA3 bus which has a maximum throughput of 600MB/sec compared to 300MB/sec for SATA2 which is what the PS3, XBox360, PS3 and XB1 use. That said most 5400 rpm hard disk drives have a read speed of approximately 90MB/sec with a write speed of 80MB/sec and a 7200rpm drive is about 22% faster.

The figures I game are approximate only and don't take into account the brand or the buffer or the short-term performance (very much higher) or sustained performance (very much lower). See the following for a more detailed description: and performance of different HDD's.

Now if you want the best sustained and short-term performance you really want a Solid State Disk (SSD) which can easily get read speeds of 500+ MB/sec and write speeds of 480+ MB/sec and would really improve the overall storage performance of the PS4pro. The trouble is the SSD is much more expensive than the equivalent capacity HDD although the price is dropping fast.

I have installed an SSD in my FAT PS3 and game wise you would not notice much of a difference but loading times are reduced by a half to a quarter although this is very game dependent. Even though I only installed a 120GB SSD compared to a 500GB HDD around the same price I find the SSD has the best performance and since I don't digitally download games for my FAT PS3 a 500GB HDD would be wasted.

BTW. The original PS3 came (PAL region) came with a 60GB HDD and over the 10 years I have only used 30GB and I have over sixty PS3 and sixty PS2 games. Once you get into digital downloads or in the case of the PS4 you do need storage so currently the 2.5" 5400rpm HDD is the best storage for the price although it is not the best for performance.

Nodoze1782d ago

Have this drive and the Pro but have to wait until Santa comes to open it. While yes it is costly, time IS money and I don't like waiting. :) Going to be fun.

crazychris41241782d ago

Just go with a hybrid which will get you speeds between SSD and HDD. I got a 2 TB for $125.

blackblades1782d ago

Yeah the firecuda got that 2tb sshd for $114 last week. I recommend backing up everything cause re-downloading everything takes days to a week.

EverydayJoe1782d ago

I know time is money, but how many seconds is worth £500, and a few level loads or boot ups I saw the stock drive was faster. I would rather spend that on games. I do have a 2T drive in my Arkham PS4, and a stock 1T in my Pro

Nodoze1782d ago

To each their own. The increased reliability, and speed works for me. It isn't like it is a Samsung (which are crazy crazy money). The extra speed is something I will appreciate for sure.

Mrveryodd1782d ago

And why does anybody need to buy a brand new console and then gut it day one .... WTF Sony just allow people to plug in an ext drive ... My bloody phone can do this ...

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