5 Games To Help You Understand ‘Westworld’

Having trouble understanding HBO's Westworld? Why not have a look at these five games that may help you with the existential crisis the hosts go through?

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bluefox755704d ago

I was pretty clueless about everything until halfway through the season finale. Still didn't understand everything, like...Deloras dying was part of Ford's narrative? The man in black stabbed her, how did Ford know that would happen to include it in the narrative?

caelumsixsmith704d ago

I don't think either of that was part of Ford's narrative. The mock-up he set on the beach wasn't his actual narrative. Rewatching the first two episodes I realized that he has been planning the very end from the first episode. Thing is, he needed to go in great style, so he came up with that. The character himself is very dramatic, loves a scene, so it makes more sense that way.