Post Launch Story Content For FFXV is Unfair to Day-One Buyers

After 10 years in development Final Fantasy XV had one final delay before launch in order to develop a day one patch to integrate story related content connected to the FFXV movie Kingsglaive. However this would not be the last story related update to FFXV. A large set of post launch patches are aimed at delivering more narrative elements to the game leaving day one players and Square Enix's most devout fans in the wind.

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FallenAngel19842722d ago

But they're getting it for free. I'll accept any free content that makes the game longer

-Foxtrot2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

So free = good?

Not the point, if you completed this and thought "It's alright but shame the story later on is a little muddled" only to see a patch being brought in to fix this you'd be thinking "I could have experienced this game for the first time even better". I mean who's going to go back after putting in so many hours and completing the story.

It's one thing for bugs and glitches...but story stuff is a different story

Mass Effect 3s ending change was free but I still came away going "Man that ending was shit"

UltraNova2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

This is why I have stopped playing it 10hrs in. I will finish some other games first and then revisit FF15 when it feels....Final? (Pun not intended).

AHall882722d ago

I think plenty of people will play back through, with new game+ getting added soon.
Then again, maybe most people only play through games one time and never, ever, play through them again.

_-EDMIX-_2722d ago

as opposed to what ,.charged? Nothing at all? Do you always just look at the glass half empty?

so you're basically complaining that a company is giving something to you for free?

Ummmm ok.

Not all of the people who purchased this game day 1 completed it, I purchase this game day one and I've yet to complete the game.

Hozi2722d ago

people complain for nothing, be glad you can play the game again and it won't be repetitive because you got new story content.

DragonKnight2722d ago

Normally I would agree with the sentiment the article is trying to convey, but not this time. Unfair would be charging for these narrative updates. This isn't unfair. If you completed the game that's your issue, it's not one of unfairness. Unless you don't like the game, then there is no reason you can't play it again and the story additions may not even appeal to you, in which case it is again not unfair.

feraldrgn2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

To be fair, the story only takes 10-15 hours to complete, so it should be easy to start another new file just to see the added story.

RememberThe3572722d ago

They released an unfinished game and we're supposed to be cool with that? It's cool that they're finishing it, but we're not talking glitches or balancing issues, were talking actual plot. I'm enjoying FF15 but this is complete bullsh!t.

Harkins17212722d ago

The same reason people replay games all the time. If you put 40 hrs into the game you can do it again. Especially if you like the game.

DoubleTTB222722d ago

So you would rather developers never try to improve upon anything, because it is unfair if the game ever gets better. That is complete nonsense. Its such a selfish idea that is completely devoid of any true passion for gaming. Demonizing devs for making their games better is so completely misguided that it is laughable. We should want every game to become as good as it possibly can be. If they didn't release this at all, then those who bought it at release would be no better or worse off. And if they do release it and those who bought it day one don't play it then that still remains true. This simply gives people more options. Now they can potentially be better off if they ever go back and play it again,

DarXyde2721d ago

If you bought the game, why wouldn't you revisit it?

Seems pointless to play a game only once if you buy it at full price, don't you think?

thekhurg2721d ago

There's Negative Nancy again.

Lots of people replay games, and not everyone complains about every game like some people do.

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Goldby2721d ago

@RememberThe357 & USSjDomon

It's not an unfinished game, and SSJ, you haven't even played it so any point you make is moot,
They are tweaking the story in the game by adding in another scene to help the story, as far as i know that is most likely because they expected more people to watch Kingsglaive then those who actually watched it.

I have a friend who is a first time Final Fantasy player who understands the story more than someone who is a final fantasy veteran, why because the noob spent the time to watch Kingsglaive and Brotherhood.

Now this is only 3rd party perspective, because im only on Chapter 8 at 45 hours in, almost have that dam 80 side quest trophy done and waiting for my ultima weapon to finish

Death2721d ago

I think the point some are trying to make is the game should have launched finished. It's nice that they aren't charging people for the rest of the game, but that is setting the bar pretty damn low. I don't think it's asking too much for games to ship completed. For those that bought early and finished the game, they really shouldn't have to feel obligated to replay it to get the full experience as intended by the developer. Treating this like added content that is free is silly and sends a bad message to devs.

Dark_Knightmare22721d ago

I see your point and I'm playing through it right now but when these updates come I'll just play through the story again and ignore everything else since the story especially by ff standards is pretty damn short

VoiceOfUnreason2721d ago

It's like most of you have never heard of Square releasing Final Mix's and International versions of their games before... Games with minor updates like the one XV is getting for free, but for the same price as the original?

It's like this is new to some of you who've apparently been 'around forever'.

Personally i'm all for them patching in all the things that they would've held off for an International version of the game if it means saving 80 bucks (Canada) just for some story cut scenes/additional updates.

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Ol_G2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

You mean season pass and some free tweaks

_-EDMIX-_2722d ago

Agreed. I haven't finished the game yet so I don't really care. I'm happy that they're giving any content for free to be honest.

camel_toad2722d ago

Yeh this just gives me a good excuse to take a break from it and start on The Last Guardian. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the new content arrives by the time I finish TLG.

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MrCrimson2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

why not release the fucking game when it's done. instead i end up playing a game for 30 hours that has less story than the latest titanfall release.

a narrative so disjointed that characters are dying that i feel like i should care about, but i only saw them maybe once before.

and don't tell me to go watch kingslaive because i didn't buy a final fantasy game so i could watch some shitty animated release.

what RPG ships with a blatantly incomplete narrative, and not incomplete as in lacking an ending but missing significant portions of story telling in the middle.

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Irishguy952722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

While I wouldn't really call it unfair, I don't really feel like playing it now after finishing the story. Whatever FFXV is going to be in a years time, with what content, the first playthrough and ending is what hit me the most. Nothing to do with gameplay, but with an ending like that, it kinda..you knows, to people who have played it you know what I mean. its not Skyrim, its Final fantasy, the end game is an ENDGAME. With additional content afterswords. I already know how each character ends up. So prequels to teh ending are...lessened by the fact I know what will happen.

Nothing abotu the length of the game bothers me. Its that the quality of the story has been affected by the fact that its told from only Noctis point of view and even at that, theres kinda not that much story content. I loved the game anyway, for what it is, but it definitely could and will be better whenever this 'new content'. Is added.

An example of this, would ...lets say, in game of thrones...imagine if the story focused on Jon Snows perspective. And left everything else to Jon snow being told baout what happened in Westeros via word of mouth, a radio or reading a document.

Another example...Star wars. imagine if it focused only on Luke and did not show what happened with Han Solo, Laia, whoever. But instead, Luke finds out. Through a radio, word of mouth, or a document. You don't get to see these impactful scenes, Laia and Hans romanced it off screened etc. **** I guess even in the force awakens..you could consider that whole movie..to be off screened..as Luke was not present, it would actually be quite similar to FFXV.

FF7 is great, for the fact that it focused on all characters. At least, alot of the time. You were never left to fill in any blacks yourself or miss out on the drama.

As far as i'm concerned, this game would have been one of the best FF's had it been told this way


YES, there are Spoilers below

Noctissleepsfor10years, we don't see anything.
Gladiopromptoignis side stories, we are not shown, do not play, and major details are left out. Noctis doesnt' even ask why ignis is blind.

Argubly, some scenes are more impactful byus not seeing them and seeing what Noctis sees at the time. Like the world in darkness. But still, the former and original way is superior.

Gatsu2722d ago

Noctis did ask Ignis what happened to him, but he didn't give a very detailed answer.

Kashima2722d ago

Good i'm saving few $ for complete edition when its up on Flash Sales!

Pantz2722d ago

If you are to believe some of the insider info rumors, they were pressured to ship and some stuff did get left unfinished/cut/unused. Some important character development scenes and some additional explorable areas are part of what didn't make it.

I like the game though despite it's flaws and I'm already on my 2nd playthrough.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2722d ago

Guess I'll wait for the patch and start a new game plus.