8 Disappointing Games Released in 2016 That Left Us Frustrated

Video games can offer gamers an escape, adventure, or even a nightmare. A nightmare is what gamers experienced in 2016 with these titles. Even though gamers are notoriously hard to please (science, bro), and their expectations rarely ever met, there are still plenty of games that just can’t be defended from criticism.

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Fist4achin2775d ago

These weren't really all that bad. A lot of the sequels didn't hold up well to the predecessor.

thorstein2775d ago

A ton of "disappointing" articles today. Must be clickbait day. I remember, back my day, when every other article was top 10 of 2015.

What a long time it has been.

2775d ago
SideNote2773d ago

Spot on, exactly how I feel.

Amplitude2775d ago

Mirrors Edge Catalyst was...

Messing with the AI was fun though. so awful lmao

XanderZane2775d ago

Games like Titanfall 2, Dishonored 2 and The Division did well and are great games. Only Mirror's Edge, No Man's Sky, Quantum Break & SFV were disappointing really.

ironcrow23862775d ago

to be honest DOOM was the only genuinely great game this year..why it didn't win GOTY I'll never know

game4funz2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

A reboot of a beloved franchise done amazingly well. Actually that's the only game I've played that didn't disappoint.

My only disappointment was that it ended haha

I still have high hopes for dishonored and deus ex as I haven't played those yet. Then there's last guardian and gravity rush.

DashArrivals2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

What a totally pathetic, narrow minded and ignorant statement. Oh yeah, The Witness - not a genuinely great game. Uncharted 4 - not a genuinely great game. Dark Souls 3 - not a genuinely great game.
"To be honest" - "why it didn't win I'll never know"
I don't think I've come across a statement in years that actually made me just genuinely angry to read it.

ironcrow23862775d ago

So you agree overwatch was the deserved winner??

DashArrivals2775d ago

No, that's not the point. It was obvious your comment was not a trolling comment but it's just so ridiculous.
To suggest there was only one great game this year. What about games that you did not play? What about games that others loved? What about games with very high metacritic scores?
It's really how you worded your post. I vehemently disagree with your post. To be honest, if your post was just a troll post I would not have bothered or even cared. But you almost stated like it was basically a fact.

madforaday2775d ago

I think it had to do with the, "To be honest..." lol

Perjoss2775d ago

"to be honest DOOM was the only genuinely great game that I had a chance to play this year"

fixed your comment for you

ironcrow23862775d ago

I wont lie..some games just completely flew me by this year but i still stand by what i said ☺

remixx1162775d ago

Uncharted 4, gears 4, forza horizon 3, ratchet and clank, dark souls 3, ffxv, titanfall 2, battlefield 1, king of fighters 14. There have been a ton of great games.

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Jeff44332774d ago

Doom was hands down one of the best games released this year. A complete package

Segata2774d ago

Assault Suit Leynos also a remake a great game. Pokken was a great game. King of Fighters XIV a great game. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE a great game. Odin Sphere HD remake a great game. Shin Megami Tensei IV The Apocalypse a great game,Dragon Quest VII a great game,Trails of Cold Steel II a great game. What a troll comment.

ironcrow23862774d ago

And here we are...you cant even have a difference of opinion anymore without someone going on a massive bitch fit

Segata2774d ago

And here you are trolling

ironcrow23862774d ago

In other words you know im right and your just using the whole trolling thing to try win the argument when you know full well im doing nothing of the sort

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joab7772775d ago

It's been an interesting year. Good news is that NMS and SF5 have begun to redeem themselves. The fighting in 5 is amazing and I adore NMS and believe that in the coming yr we are going to have a brilliant game to continue playing.

Unfortunately, WD2 and T2 did everything we wanted, listened to all our complaints including cutting back in micros. And we chose not to buy them. It's sad really! And one of the worse offenders Overwatch wins GotY. It just shows that if a game is made and released at the proper time, publishers can take us over the coals and we are fine with it. I abhor spending real money on a chance to get a reward. Even ESO has ventured into this terrible practice. Why? Because they can. And this yr we have proven that cleaning up your act won't guarantee that we will support you, even if your game is high quality and you made all the improvements we had to have.

2775d ago
Name Last Name2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

^ lol Watch Dogs 2 and Titanfall 2

andrewsquall2775d ago

For me WD2 and T2 didn't do what I wanted and that is, just don't bother making them at all. Going by the massively disappointing sales on both, I was right in saying they shouldn't have bothered.

Segata2774d ago

SFV will never be redeemed unless they make ALL DLC free as they once promised. Make a arcade mode. Make it so you can earn fight money OFFline.

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LuciousLucifano2775d ago

Many of those titles were indeed dissapointing

Christopher2775d ago

I would hope you would think so, it is from your own site...