Sega Sets Its Sights On The Big Screen

Sega is set to bring some of its most loved franchises to film and TV! It has just been announced that Stories International, the production arm of Sega in a joint venture with Hakuhodo DY Group, is going to partner up with Circle of Confusion to produce adaptations of Sega’s hugely popular video games Altered Beast and Streets of Rage for film and television as well as several other hit franchises.

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pscgrizz685d ago

Annoying that they would create a Streets of Rage series but not another game. Granted, a new game would never live up to the expectations of the fans but it would still be nice to see.

Fist4achin685d ago

So many great titles to choose from. How about Space Harrier or Altered Beasts?!

dead_pixels685d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing Shining Force get an animated film.