Crash Bandicoot PS One vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

So this is what the fans were waiting for. Crash is back and will be released again later in 2017. In the meantime let’s have a look at how the game graphics have changed, and how much of the…

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naruga1698d ago

the amount of work especially on art is obvious ...the original is extremely well done , polished and rich while Remake is like a modder s try in Unreal engine....Damn you Sony Crash deserved better ...

Nitrowolf21698d ago

I think it looks decent I mean it's definitely a lot more than I actually expected them to do but at the same time you're right.

It has this odd look to it butt it is a remastered after all.

Man if naughty dog won't do another crash game the only real people I can really see doing Justice for it is insomniac too bad they're working on Spider-Man which is also going to be great hopefully

Gazondaily1697d ago

Could look better tbh but still a great package

Krangs_Uncle1698d ago

You don't seem to get it and are sounding repeatedly rather entitled.. This is a remaster of classic games, you will see a completely new Crash from the ground up if support is given for this by consumers.

I also happen to think it looks good, the B-roll footage is much better.

bouzebbal1697d ago

I came to write the same. Good post

assassin2k1697d ago

Fingers crossed. Would love to see a Spyro trilogy remaster too. And Omega Collection looks great. Can someone clear this up - I assume Sony has had to have bought the license for Crash back? Or are they allowed to do the remasters as they own rights to the individual trilogy?

cyckiewicz1698d ago

I liked Crash desing from Crash Bandicoot 3 better than this shown here.

ThatGuyDart1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

1) It looks awesome

2) Sony probably had their hands tied with how much they could do, the studio doing this is owned by Activision.

3) Stop whining. Buy this because I am 1000% sure both Sony and Activision are monitoring the sales of this collection. If it does sell well you will def get more Crash Bandicoot in the future.

zombiewombie1698d ago

You should try playing it before talking smack. Game feels and plays like the classic. Looks awesome too.

1697d ago
zombiewombie1697d ago

@shyronnie Correct. Played it on the showfloor yesterday.

trooper_1697d ago

You got owned shyronnie.

AnubisG1698d ago

What are you talking about? They did an amazing job!

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TheFirstClassic1697d ago

I sort of agree on crash's character model and face animations but the environments and gameplay looks fine.

MyDietEqualsGames1697d ago

You mean Crash deserved to stay in the abyss? I am glad we're even getting a Crash game for the current gen that isn't a pile of steaming dino dung, let alone a freaking trilogy.

Crash is getting more than a remastered treatment. They've kept all the core stuff. That's enough for me.

0Day1697d ago

Who's your dealer? Because that's some good shit your smoking

XanderZane1697d ago

It looks good for what it's worth. I'll still pick it up and give it a run through. I hope they tighten the controls a bit. The first game the controls were a bit loose. Still great games that fans will never forget.

KwietStorm_BLM1697d ago

Were you expecting like a photorealistic bandicoot running around smashing boxes or something?

llMurcielagoll1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Agreed the attention to detail in the original is much better than the remaster. Goes to show that there is no excuse that developers could do better.

I'd still buy it though. I am not going to prevent myself to re-live the best moments in gaming during my childhood.

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DigitalCentralMedia1698d ago

Really looking forward to this!!

Epicor1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Me too! But...

I'm an old school crash fan. I've owned every game in the series. Here's my take on this: This remake seems to be respecting the originals which is amazing news. The gameplay looks identical which is good. But the visual presentation, and don't get me wrong, while being an enormous step up from PS one era, the visuals still dont't really match today's standards in my opinion. ND would't have settled with those visuals. I mean cmon look at the textures. Hd but still really plain and lacking all the details. Sadly this seems as a cheap fan service.

If you are satisfied then good on you. Personally I was expecting a bit more. But it's Activision. At least they didnt't change the gameplay or level design so I guess it's a partial win. I might still get this.

Newmanator1697d ago

The only part I cringed at was the boulder - less texture than the original boulder!

sonerone1698d ago

Hardly see any difference...

Gaming_Cousin1698d ago

This is such a failed trolling attempt lol

1697d ago
StormLegend1698d ago

Let me buy you some glasses..

AnubisG1698d ago

Than you need to go to the eye doctor my friend. There are serious issues with your vision.

2600Thunder1697d ago

He is clearly joking because if he isn't then the DMV should be notified.

Inzo1697d ago

Might I suggest you get a new screen, those old tube screens just dont cut it anymore.

pcz1697d ago

Its shockingly bad. Almost pointless. Anyone who says otherwise is deluded.

Completely wasted opportunity

BIGBOSS081697d ago

did you jizz into your own eyes?

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Summons751698d ago

Who is genuinely surprised that Activision pulled this off without their money hungry tactics like they do with every single on of their games or do that laziest work on it because it's not call of duty?

AnubisG1698d ago

They did this because they believed it can make them money. They have seen that there was a demand and they are creating the supply. If this is successful, be prepared for new Crash Bandicoot games. Simple as that.

Summons751697d ago

They have a chance to make money with any game they make, but they treat anything that isn't COD or Blizzard like complete sh**. That's not an excuse for Activision. People have begged for a Crash remake for years and they now just realize it's an opportunity? Nope, Sony probably slapped some sense into them and is watching their every movement with this title to make sure Crash doesn't turn into an abomination Spyro turned into with Skylanders.

AnubisG1697d ago


The reason why they are doing this now is because hype for a crash bandicoot remake has peaked in recent years. It needed to build up and now it did to a point where they noticed. I think that is all. Both Sony and Activision noticed recently. I think this has been in the works for at least 2-3 years at least.

rezzah1697d ago

The mentality of Activision is least amount of work for best possible profit, COD might be excluded from this.

Newmanator1697d ago

I hope they tack on Crash Team Racing as a preorder like MW!

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