From Crash to Tony Hawk, Activision's focus on franchise revival has made it feel relevant again

Activision may be exploiting our nostalgia, but in doing so has spawned some its best games in years.

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RaidenBlack1343d ago

What's next?
Soldier of Fortune? Prototype?

Elit3Nick1343d ago

Would definitely love to see a new Prototype. There was huge missed opportunities as a sandbox game, not enough depth in the world to keep it interesting for long.

sourOG1343d ago

A new prototype would be awesome.

Viking_mo1343d ago

Im hoping for tenchu. I think they have one under their name unless im thinking of someone else

MadLad1343d ago

Not a big fan of Crash, but the Spyro remake was excellent, and plan on getting Tony Hawk, being the seemed to have nailed that one as well.

neutralgamer19921343d ago

No doubt Activision has handled these remasters/remakes right and even delayed when developers need extra time

Even spyro which received 2 out of 3 games digital got a reprint and now all 3 games are on disk

Soldier of Fortune
A new a spyro would be nice

What these publishers don't get is when you make quality games gamers will support

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Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Sales Have Surpassed 5 Million Copies

Sales of Activision and Toys for Bob's 2020 platformer, Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, have surpassed 5 million copies.

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CrashMania62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Loved Crash 4, that's more than I thought, I had a feeling that releasing at full price, right before current systems was a bad move, so 5 million is pretty good. I shudder to think how poor Rumble sold though.

Spyro apparently at 10 million, would be interesting seeing the platform split for these.

-Foxtrot62d ago

Oh look at that, and people were trying to say it was a flop.

We need more 3D platformers

Sony should bring Jak and Daxter back, Ubisoft with Rayman 4 and maybe Microsoft can work something out with Playtonic to do Banjo-Kazooie since most of the ex Rare members are there.

neutralgamer199262d ago

Jak and Dexter along with sly. I would love even remakes man since Sony now a days don’t want to take chances of smaller single player games it seems

1Victor62d ago

@fox: “Oh look at that, and people were trying to say it was a flop.”
Correct me if I’m wrong this was released in 2020 for all major platforms except for mobile as far as I can remember and PC a year later, and only sold 5 millions copies in 4 years?
Yes I would consider it a flop I seen games on PlayStation and Xbox sale 2 millions in a year and be called a flop.

Asplundh62d ago

It doesn't matter how many platforms it's on or how long it took to get there, 5 million sales is a great number period.

1Victor61d ago

So where’s crash 5 ?
It’s been 4 years and nothing and it’ll be another 6+ if lucky.
I love the franchise and was one of the few ones that purchased 4 but I didn’t like it, it felt empty and no fun.
Remember activision/ Microsoft is all about the money if a franchise don’t perform it gets shelved no matter what we think or want.

0hMyGandhi61d ago

@Asplundh,Victor isn't wrong, though.
5 million *is* a great number. But it took awhile to get there...And it was on PS4,XB1,PS5,XBX,PC and Switch. Movies and music will often gauge the commercial success of their respective products by "first week" sales and usually the first two weeks of a theatrical run. Shawshank Redemption, widely considered one of the best movies of all time earned only 16 million during it's theatrical run, against a 25 million dollar budget.

Most AAA games need to sell roughly 1.5 - 2 million copies to just break even these days. I tried to look up what this game's budget was, and couldn't find much.

I should state that I adore platformers. Love these games, love Jak and Daxter, Love the Sly games etc...But this wasn't exactly vindication for the sub-genre. I hope they were able to turn a profit and I wish more of these games were made.

Wretchedstain62d ago

Or go back a bit further...

An updated Commander Keen, Jill of the Jungle, Crystal Caves, Bio Menace, or Jazz Jackrabbit would be pretty cool.

Skuletor61d ago

Hocus Pocus, Halloween Harry, Monster Bash, Xargon OG Duke Nukems
Remember when Bethesda announced a new Commander Keen for mobile at E3 2019 with an animated trailer?

Jill of the Jungle being from Epic Games is funny to me.