From Crash to Tony Hawk, Activision's focus on franchise revival has made it feel relevant again

Activision may be exploiting our nostalgia, but in doing so has spawned some its best games in years.

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RaidenBlack108d ago

What's next?
Soldier of Fortune? Prototype?

Elit3Nick108d ago

Would definitely love to see a new Prototype. There was huge missed opportunities as a sandbox game, not enough depth in the world to keep it interesting for long.

sourOG108d ago

A new prototype would be awesome.

Viking_mo108d ago

Im hoping for tenchu. I think they have one under their name unless im thinking of someone else

TheRealTedCruz108d ago

Not a big fan of Crash, but the Spyro remake was excellent, and plan on getting Tony Hawk, being the seemed to have nailed that one as well.

neutralgamer1992108d ago

No doubt Activision has handled these remasters/remakes right and even delayed when developers need extra time

Even spyro which received 2 out of 3 games digital got a reprint and now all 3 games are on disk

Soldier of Fortune
A new a spyro would be nice

What these publishers don't get is when you make quality games gamers will support

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The story is too old to be commented.