Wargaming – Chris Taylor leaves studio with no games launched

Chris Taylor was once the founder and CEO of Gas Powered Games, responsible for the the Supreme Commander series and the first 2 Dungeon Siege games. Bought over by Wargaming back in early 2013 to prevent a closure due to financial difficulties, Chris Taylor recently announced he has left the company after more than 3 years, with no games shipped or officially announced.

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XXanderXX1053d ago

Chris Taylor Xbox could use a creative mind or new blood for anyone one of their studios , maybe look into it .

Fearmonkey1052d ago

I thought wargaming had bought the rights to Total Anniilation and Chris was working on a much needed reboot or sequel. Chris, please do that, even if it doesnt have the name. Surpreme Commander was good, but TA was better, bring back downloadable units and that same gameplay.