Flight Simulator 'X-Plane' Lands on the iPhone

Flight simulator fans take note: Laminar Research has released X-Plane 9 [App Store] for the iPhone.

X-Plane for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows has long been considered one of the best–if not the best–flight simulators available to consumers. Its accuracy and attention to the smallest detail of flight simulation has won it numerous accolades in the flight simulation arena.

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flightsimx5250d ago

For those interested, I've posted a review of X-Plane for iPhone at

Chubear5250d ago

and wow, how the hell did they manage to make the game look that good on a phone?! Come on, bring this thing to the PS3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chubear5250d ago

They put this on a phone but can't bring it to the PS3? WACK!
I've been waiting and hoping an annoucement for this sim on the PS3 sicne 2006 and now they tease me by puting this puppy on a phone.

I mean how hard can it be to do this? I mean the 6a6 would be very cool Yolk for this kind flight sim.