Crysis: Achieve Graphics Beyond The Highest Setting

GameXtract writes "Have you yet to purchase Crysis? Take out that best buy gift card you have lying around, and use it because the game is getting better, and better each day. Even better Crysis Warhead is coming out, and I'm sure that you can put that good old best buy gift card to good use. That's unless your planing on getting Star Wars the same day. The modding community is been ever expanding. This morning we posted about a portal gun for the game that would allow you to teleport yourself. Now we have something more visual that may please the eyes. The mod community has been working on config files for the game for the past year. One member known as [HP] has done a fantastic job of polishing up the file to maximize your graphics. Yes, that's right you can achieve graphics beyond the highest setting currently available. The hefty requirements are that you have a Nvidia 8800 graphic card, as well as 2GB of ram. What makes this config file better than the current one installed on your computer?"

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thereapersson5498d ago

I just might be able to utilize this to make the game look good.

This also showcases how horribly unoptimized the engine of this game is...

moses5497d ago

Crysis is optimized, people just like to spout that crap because their GPU can't handle it.

slinkey1235497d ago

yeah i agree with u moses.

People dont understand how much is actually being rendered in crysis, it is optimized well.

The only reason warhead runs better is because they took DX10 out of it.

unbiased5498d ago

He said Bestbuy like 50 times. does he work there?

Torch5497d ago

LOL...I thought the same thing.

ElementX5497d ago

Wow I have 2GB of RAM, an 8800, AND a $10 best buy reward certificate!

blvdnights14145497d ago

after reading this article about crysis, I have this strange urge to purchase a bestbuy card, I dont know why though.

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