NBA 2KVR Experience - First Look Gameplay Footage (Direct-Feed PS4 PSVR)

A first look at the gameplay and game modes for NBA 2KVR Experience on PSVR.

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ApocalypseShadow1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Mmmm..I don't know. Looks weak and just an add on to sell NBA 2K. No motion control with move controllers. Or play something multiplayer like horse and the difficulty of making shots with motion control. Or half court 3 on 3.or this game

Just not seeing it. If it's a cash in, I'd rather have home run derby or pitcher challenge with baseball.

XanderZane1663d ago

This is just a cash grab. The game is so lame and way too easy from the looks of it. I got bored just watching. I'd rather play something like this without VR that actually required some real skill to win. I won't be wasting any money on this game.

1663d ago
GryestOfBluSkies1663d ago

any vr title with "experience" in the name should be free. $15 for this is a joke.

mafiahajeri1663d ago

The only way I could enjoy this is if I play it while high, on a serious note for first generation games the psvr isn't doing that bad at all, just wait until ND gets their hands on it!

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