Skyward Sword Creates Motivation through Motion

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is possibly the most divisive entry in the franchise. If one thing's for certain, it believed in the power of motion.

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SCW19821285d ago

Correction "Skyward Sword creates frustration through motion."

Lazybones20201285d ago

I understand your feelings, it wasn't perfect by any means. I do feel, however, that when it comes to motion control, Skyward Sword did it with the most dedication.

deafdani1283d ago

I don't know... Red Steel 2 was also superb and, dare I say, more natural. Skyward Sword went overboard with the motion controls, putting them even in places where it wasn't needed at all... seriously, using motion controls for Link's underwater swimming? Or for flying? Ugh.

Red Steel 2, on the other hand, used the motions more appropriately, from what I remember.

Zeldafan641283d ago

I had very little problems with the motion control. It's not perfect but it still works very well.

Nu1283d ago

Motion control was a fad, I didn't finish Skyward Sword because of it.

Jared8Randall1285d ago

This game had such a legendary story. Also, down on the d pad and "refocusing" was such a good idea, I don't understand why not every single wii game had that mechanic.

Lazybones20201285d ago

I completely agree! That was one of the best mechanics. The story is definitely among my favorites in any video game!

Skaymore1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I'm gonna miss motion controls. Dragon Quest Swords is one of my favorite games of all time .
Would highly recommend it if u enjoyed Skyward Swords controls

Lazybones20201285d ago

I always wanted to give that game a try! I really enjoy Dragon Quest so I'm sure it would be loads of fun knowing it has fun sword play!

Zeldafan641283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

I like Dragon Quest Swords but for something like Dragon Quest I just want a standard turn based rpg. It's what got me into rpgs. I will miss Skyward Sword's motion controls in BotW as well.

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ZeekQuattro1283d ago

The only time I struggled with the motion controls were for that one boss where you had to bowl to hurt it. The fight took me longer then it should of because of it.

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