Kicked! – Wasteland 2

Josh Griffiths writes: "After some turbulence following the US Election, Kicked! is back with Wasteland 2. The post-apocalypse has returned after nearly 30 years thanks to Kickstarter, and this is in no way any form of commentary whatsoever."

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garyanderson696d ago

They obviously don't like the game, but I thought it was pretty solid.

SlyFoxC695d ago

sooo he is bashing an old Kickstart that succeeded and is now over.....he must have really hated the game to go back and bash the kickstarter page....

of course there are going to be updates on the kickstarter...updates let the backers know whats going on..

im all for expressing your opinion, but to me it looks like this guy was looking for reasons to hate this game.