The hyper realistic Ghost Recon sniper mod that took 15 years to make

It's been 15 years in the making, but a hyper realistic mod for 2001's Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is finally complete.

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Artemidorus1761d ago

It's Ghost Recon. Enjoyed the first two alot on multiplayer.

ziggurcat1761d ago

Hyper realistic in what sense?

Lisica1761d ago

Have you read the article? You have everything in first five sentences.

Here is the part of the third sentence in the article:
"weapons “perfectly match their real-life counterparts in accuracy, effectiveness, and handling"

Here is a fourth sentence:
"On the AI front, enemies display “terrifying levels of tactical acumen in trying to outwit you”."

And a fifth:
"That means that one bullet can kill you, and you won’t have the benefit of medkits or a HUD to help you."

UKmilitia1761d ago

i just dont see the point