Technical Mistakes from Gaming's Past

A look back at some of gaming's biggest technological missteps from the past decade.

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Apocalypse Shadow1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Your article is trash and I'm going to not only post the "take out the trash" video,
I'm going to dismantle your garbage.

**The super step up from the Wii and Playstation 3’s wonky imprecise motion controls, the Kinect was going to allow me to be entertained like never before. **

Lol!!.... LMAO!! You're a lier on imprecise controls with the move controller. You bought a controllerless camera with less precision. While with move you could play games like killzone 3 with it.Doesn't mean kinect didn't have fun games but you really failed just right there. It wasn't hype. You fell for lies that Microsoft said that it would do.

Wiifit's problem is that it wasn't for the core gamer. But I'm not going to knock it as new gamers were introduced to gaming. It got the old and the young on their feet to play. Nothing wrong with that. But it wasn't touted as replacing the controller. Just an OPTION in fun.

Vita? It still gets games to this day. Then you mention Ratchet, Infamous, GOW...
You can play almost ANY PS4 game and cross buy game on it on the go through streaming from anywhere in the world with internet. That is awesome. Every game you mentioned you can play on vita. Wait.. What.. COD IW on vita?
You don't say... That just came out.

Guitar hero as a whole was a sensation. But still an option. Not replacing the controller. Just allowing those interested to feel like a rock star. Can't knock it. Just like sing star for those who like to sing with a mic karaoke style. For some, they don't play halo or uncharted. They just sing and rock out.

Lol! You purchased a failed format with HD DVD. Microsoft's way of slowing Sony and bluray adoption down that failed. And then, you spent more money on movies. Insanity.

VR is a totally different thing than HD DVD ,wiifit,wiimote,guitar hero, etc. It's not 3D either. It breaks the 4th wall. You don't just watch something in a 2D presence. You become part of the experience. No matter what happens in sales of all these VR devices, VR will not go away. Even as an option, PSVR changes the fundamental way you play, see, hear and touch entertainment. And VR goes beyond it with education, medicine, travel, music, etc.

And the fact that you can use those supposedly *wonky,imprecise* move controllers in VR TODAY means they're not sitting in the garage with your other products.

SpamnJam1193d ago

Snap... you are really torn up about this huh..... You do know that is an opinion piece... and being an opinion it can be different to yours. The article says somethings I agree with, some I don't but considering it is coming down to the personal experience of the writer well frankly you can't argue with that.

Oh as for your Vita point you do realise that functionality was never released in large parts of the world and it requires a stable, high end internet connection to function. Mobile internet just doesn't cut it. So no, The Vita never got any of those games. But don't let the truth get in the way of a good rant.

Kingthrash3601192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Alot of bad journalism this past 2 months.

OB1Biker1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

'being an opinion it can be different to yours'
And what's wrong with giving his opinion about it again?
Most articles are opinions nowadays and especially reviews have become essays written up to push a biased opinion. The thing is you shouldn't blame people for giving their opinions about articles/opinion pieces specially because not many sites allow it and those who allow criticising their own sites will have their own way to censor what they don't like.
And when censor doesn't come from the site it comes from the sites followers jumping on anyone criticising their beloved site and its great to have independent sites like N4G to talk about it.
'you can't argue with that. '
Thanks God you can.
I thought there was some BS going on with this article given the PSVR pic and I'm grateful of his comment saving me the click

madmonkey011192d ago

not all opinions hold any merit, nor deserve to be taken seriously, 90% of opinion pieces on here are just ill informed morons looking for hits.

ShottyatLaw1191d ago

I'm just amused that we've reached the point where even criticizing Kinect, WiiFit, and HD DVD still can't save you from this level of rage.

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Footyspacecadet1193d ago

Layoff the salt buddy.... will give yourself a heart attack

Silly gameAr1193d ago

Actually better than the actual article.

Pantz1192d ago

I don't even need to read what they wrote to know it's stupid.

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JoeBloggs1192d ago

Man there have been some shockers over the years. Good to see that the PS Move stuff has been resurrected with VR though. Oh and HD-DVD...... yeah I fell for that one too. Oh well.

FyBy1192d ago

According to move / Kinect controllers- its sad companies dropped support this gen . I really loved and still love motion control games . They are being reiterated with psvr and its great ! So much I enjoyed wii sports , and sports champions. I'm really considering buying PS3 just for them :-o