Rally Cross Heading To Playstation Store

Some new content will be available for download shortly on the Playstation Store including,Rally Cross for the PSP, which weighs in at a healthy 105MB. The PSone racer is priced at $5.99 and will surely be playable on the PS3 any day now.

Sony has both the Genji Days of the Blade costume pack as well as an update to Gran Turismo HD Concept. For trailers you can download 300,Fred Claus,and Gripshift which hit the store last week...

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Shadow Flare5236d ago

whoa...$400 to play pacman in HD. Got yourself a bargain there sentinel

wolfgang5235d ago

You guys bought nexgen system to play the retro game they throw in as a bonus ? You know that slot/tray in front of it, try putting something like Gears of war or RFOM, you might enjoy it a bit more :)

Seriously those retro games are not system sellers, its like saying people buy 2000 $ PC to play solitary.

Shadow Flare5235d ago

I never said i bought a ps3 for its psone games. However, i think its a great feature and i really wanna put some psone games (Final Fantasy 7) onto my psp when i get a ps3. Ps. PS3 basher cyber sentinel is a loser. Thats the only reason i said my first comment

wolfgang5234d ago

Shadow Flare : Yeah we should reply to those console bashers, cause we too have too much free time :)

By the way if you think Cyber is a loser you should try readind "Juevani" or "Hey Zeus" post, but I do appreciate your need to reply to mindless console bashing.

Cyber sentinel & Shadow Flare : You are both WRONG its actually 606 $ to play psone game and 404 $ to play Pacman, neither MS nor Sony give the game for free.

-Fanboys : Relax, play games, have humour-

mucho 995235d ago

don't hate. Getting ps1 games is an option, noone really bought a ps3 only for that,(dear god I hope not), having extra features and games is only helping the situation

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