Is Gran Turismo Still Relevant? | The Goozex Report

Sony recently announced that Gran Turismo 5's release in Japan has been pushed back an additional month from it's March release.

The Goozex Report looks back at the Gran Turismo franchise, which revolutionized the gaming industry in 1998 with its amazingly fun and deep racing simulation.

But can the often-delayed grand daddy of racing games still hold its own more than a decade later, against a slew of highly-rated racing games that have put their own spin on the racing genre, like Forza Motorsport 3, GRiD, Project Gotham Racing 4, Burnout: Paradise, and Pure.

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Mista T4648d ago

of course!!!! what a dumb question!!!

Jamie Foxx4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

gta prologue 4.5 mil sales compared to forzas (has it finally hit 1mil yet anyone know?) sales says yes gt is very important

deadreckoning6664648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

In a new world where the Wii is dominating and Wii Fit/Play are top sellers...sadly no. The hardcore generation is dwindling..sad, but true.

"Why do these questions only apply to multi-million dollar Sony franchises?"

It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fact that the last GT game came out LAST GEN. This gen is VERY different from last gen in that the Wii, a kid-friendly console, is dominating two hardcore consoles. GT5 is entering the market the is, for the most part, funded by the CASUAL crowd.

retrovertigo4648d ago

Well said deadreckoning! The playing field is completely different today, and if people actually read the article you'd see that it's not an article slamming the game, but an introspective article about a series that hasn't seen a true console release in almost 6 years, and if the quality of the final product will entertain today's gamers or leave them feeling overwhelmed.

Blaze9294648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

When did Rockstar release (GTA) Grant Theft Auto: Prologue? ;)


Gran Turismo is indeed still very relevant. When someone mentions a racing game they dont mention Forza, Project Gotham, or Need for Speed, they mention Gran Turismo. GT will forever be the kind of authentic racing simulation games.


Jamie, yeah you're right. My mistake. PDF was from 2008

JasonXE4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

On topic, GT is king. Forget the rest!

off topic, I would love a Grand Theft Auto: Prologue hahaha

Jamie Foxx4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

as i was replying to mr t doesnt take a genius now does it mate? and yes the numbers for a DEMO prove the author is mentally challenged, as for gta prologue lol my bad...typo :)

as for your 'prologue has only sold 2.5million' quote which has now vanished from your post...

and heres a comparison in september 2009 of forza and gt prologue

JasonXE4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

Yeah but I still don't get why you're bringing Forza into this though and comparing sales of a 3+ year old game to a game just 2 months old.

ABizzel14648d ago

Ignorant journalism at it's best once again. First of all GT HD Concept wasn't a game, GT5 Pro was a demo, and GT PSP was scored low for not having a career mode.

Please stop posting opinions and post news.

Jamie Foxx4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

i brought it up because the author brought it up, and obviously forza which i thought actually looked good graphics wise is gt's main competitor

The Shadow4648d ago

I have never seen anything as beautiful as this:

It will show the world once again why gran turismo is the king. good bye forza.

360degrees4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

Gran Turismo's "Crown" has been slowly encroached upon by the Forza Motorsport series and has finally been stolen by the latest iteration of Forza Motorsport 3, making it the new Racing Sim franchise to beat (graphically, car detail, background settings, gameplay, the list goes on and on)

swinesucker4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

I have to venture and say that beyond all the bias I was worried for this game after that small demo even though I KNOW that they have showed basically NOTHING final. With the delay my fears have been put to rest. Kaz is going to blow people away. That everything was releasing in March was basically terrible marketing for everyone involved.

Also, lol at the above poster. As if dude. I play Forza quite a bit and it leaves a lot to be desired. It's personally very boring at this point. I hope GT gets a whole new interface and rank system so as to keep us playing. GT4 was super stale and so is every Forza imho after about a month.

Greywulf4648d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

"Troy Benedict Says On January 13th, Sony announced through a press release that the oft-delayed Gran Turismo 5, scheduled for a March 2010 release in Japan, would see yet another delay. No official release date was given other than the game would be postponed an additional month."

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -----------
Gran Turismo never had an official release date for any region outside of japan in 2009.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

"Gran Turismo is a very popular series, selling over 50 million games, but I can't help but wonder if the series is still as relevant as it was 10 years ago."

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

Ask Mercedes,Ferrari, Nissan, Citroen, Top Gear if the game is still relevant. You have to define what being "relevant" is? Is its relationship to manufacturers still intact? Yes. Ferrari\Mercedes choose to debut their vehicles in Gran Turismo 5's game demo, not Forza. The reason behind this is because the GT franchise is in a class of its own. Its recognized by the car enthusiasm community at large as being the 1 place where drivers can really immerse themselves in these vehicles. NFS always had exotics, but much like todays sims, the car's aren't done in the GT style. The second to none attention to detail and craftsmanship. Its not to be compared to lesser titles which don't boast any significant features that its previous titles didn't have.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

"According to Metacritic, critical reception to the series has fallen significantly with each consecutive release over the past decade.

1998 - Gran Turismo (PSOne) - 96%
1999 - Gran Turismo 2 (PSOne) - 95%
2001 - Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (PS2) - 94%
2004 - Gran Turismo 4 (PlayStation 2) - 89%
2006 - Gran Turismo HD Concept (PS3) - 82%
2008 - Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (PS3) - 80%
2009 - Gran Turismo (PSP) - 74%

Granted, none of these review averages, even at the lowest with 74%, is by any means a "bad score." But it's hard not to see the significant downward trend following Gran Turismo 4's release."

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------
The last real release of GT4 was scored low due to it not having any online. If you did any research at all, or were a true car simulation fan, you would know that GT4 was supposed to be the GT that had online.It didn't quite deliver on it, and It was even delayed using that as an excuse, then the final product shipped with a mangled form of it. Forza stepped up to the plate. The general consensus for GT4 was that it didn't improve on GT3 that much, came out too fast, and was rushed. Despite all of that, its sold more than Forza's franchise. Again.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

The original Gran Turismo games were brilliant, because no other driving game at the time came close to offering the amazingly deep and involved aspects of a driving simulator that Polyphony Digital did with the Gran Turismo series.The level of quality in driving games has changed significantly over the last 10 years, and a lot of it is probably due in part to Gran Turismo's strong sales and critical acclaim, with fine dash of good-old 1998, there was a relative void of decent non-arcade style racing titles and Gran Turismo ruled the roost. However, new driving franchises have sprouted, touting some amazing games that have clearly outshined Gran Turismo's most recent offerings. Competition in the racing genre over the last decade has been quite fierce, but the results have been impressive!
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------
The only area that Forza has "outshined" gran turismo has only been in two areas, 1 only really having to do with Simulation gaming. Painting, and online. Gran Turismo's franchise still walks all over Forza when it comes to its vehicle selection, graphics, and presentation. If you want to pretend that Forza's strengths are mandatory for the car simulation, thats fine, but these things were all around well before Forza, and in the universe that Gran Turismo has dominated the market. Turn10 didn't invent online racing, or livery editing. They added it to their game, but where are the dollars behind the interest in the franchise? There is none relative to the GT franchise. So again, where is this concern of relevancy when GT's demo is selling more than Retail titles?
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

"Recent offerings from established racing series like Project Gotham Racing 4, DiRT 2, Burnout: Paradise and Need for Speed SHIFT have all received favorable review scores. Even newcomers like GRiD and Pure have garnered high marks. Microsoft's Forza Motorsport series has probably come the closest to unseating Gran Turismo as the reigning champion of console racing games, with 2009's release of Forza Motorsport 3.Forza Motorsport 3's overall praise was not only in its ability to be an extremely competent racing simulator, but also in its ease and accessibility to the casual racer.Accessibility has played a HUGE role in the success of the latest console offerings. For the last 3 years, the Wii has been clearly dominating the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in terms of sales, and a lot of that is due to the fact that the system, as a whole, is family-friendly and accessible to the mainstream gamer. While the 360 and PS3 each have more highly-reviewed games than the Wii, the Wii has consistently outsold both systems (sometimes even combined sales) year after year after year."
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

More games that have all sold less than Gran Turismo's offerings(Minus NFS), Look. Sales aren't king, and sales don't mean quality. But relevance Is directly told by the tale of the tape. Gran Turismo is a car simulation, and it always has been. Its a niche market, and its market is dominated by car enthusiasts. There is no urgency to attract casuals to a car simulation. Why? Because its a car simulation. Gran turismo had Standard/Professional physics before Forza3 for people who didn't want the extreme challenge, but still a challenge enough. Yes, the Wii enjoys success because of the casual market, but its just not because of the word "casual". GT5p sold at the height of the Wii, perfectly fine. Approachability isn't Gran Turismo's or any Car simulation's problem, and if it was, the sales would show. Which they don't.

Need For Speed, Sega GT, Enthusia, were always around GT's success. The reason GT stood away from the crowd is because of the time PD invests in its titles. The tracks, the ideas, the car lineups, the Photomodes have always been the core attraction of GT. GT does it the best, and still does, which is why after 5 years its still a topic of discussion. Lets not forget there have been 3, count them, 3 Forza releases. And yet you're still questioning GT's relevance?

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------
{ Whole blathery about the Wii's success, thats some how pretending that casual markets is the way simulations need to sway }
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

No one expected the Wii's success. But its here, its passing, and it has no affect on gaming. The reason is because non gamers - CASUAL gamers- who wouldn't touch a DS3/XboxController for the life of them are picking up the Wii and having parties with friends, buying all the games in sight. These people are not the car simulation demographic. Even if they were, well they appear to be buying Gran Turismo, and not forza, dirt, and definitely not pgr.

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

"Technology is constantly progressing and improving, and the competition to be the best is at its fiercest in the gaming industry now. Today production companies are becoming less and less tolerant of games with questionable quality and, at a moment's notice, will not hesitate to shut down a development studio."

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -----------
^^^ This has absolutely nothing to do with Polyphony Digital.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

"As it often happens, suffering from multiple release date delays can often sound the death bell for a game. Look at Duke Nukem Forever. Developers at 3D Realms have stated that part of the game's cursed history was that they couldn't keep up with the technology. New and better 3D engines would show up every couple of years, and the team would adopt it and have to start over from scratch. It was a constant downward spiral until the decision was finally made to close the studio doors."

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -----------
^^^ This has absolutely nothing to do with Polyphony Digital.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

"Polyphony Digital's latest Gran Turismo console releases, HD Concept and GT5: Prologue, have been nothing more than sample tastes of what we can hope to see with Gran Turismo 5. These bite-sized console versions may have helped satisfy the hunger pangs from the huge lapse of a full console release since Gran Turismo 4 in 2004, they have also made us hungry for more. Will another month in the oven for Gran Turismo 5 really make a great difference?Are these delays due to Polyphony Digital taking note of the best aspects of today's racing games and trying to incorporate them into GT5?

If GT5 is released in the coming months and doesn't offer a similar "accessiblilty" to a game like Forza Motorsport 3, will anybody outside of the hardcore simulation fans and Gran Turismo enthusiasts care? "

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -----------

As im reading this, its clear you haven't the slightest clue about the gran turismo franchise. So give me a second to educate you. Gran Turismo can afford to be delayed, and delayed, and delayed, because it Moves consoles. It has a very large audience out there that will wait for the game because it offers something that isn't offered in any other package out. Nothing is a substitute for Gran Turismo, despite Turn10 pretending so. Yes, People will care about GT5. Because GT5 is the only game with 1000 cars, night, weather, wrc, nascar, irl, top gear and god knows what else is in the game. Again, you would know this if you had any true opinion of the franchise outside of being a knee-jerk reactionary trying to drive hits to your website.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

"Will today's gamer care if Gran Turismo 5 holds on tightly to its traditional values and refuses to let go, despite the new things that current games offer?"

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -----------
GT5's fact sheet of Tuning, Private Racing, 16 vehicles, 1080p, and all the rest is already beyond what the definitive racing titles of today can do. GT changed when they added in damage due to the demand from the West. You're lost on these "traditional values". If it means the best product the can put forward, I think most Gran Turismo fans are in agreement, its well worth not letting go.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------

"Or will Gran Turismo 5 come out fighting and impress everbody? That would silence skeptical people like me, and setting (and raising) the new standard in simulation racing games, outdoing even today's best games and showing the world that nobody outdoes the Gran Turismo franchise -- nobody!

Sure, good things are sometimes worth waiting for, but if you keep something in the oven for too long, you may find that the end product is dry, overcooked, and unsatisfying, despite the quality of the chef.

I suppose we'll all find out if the wait has been worth it, sometime in April, when Gran Turismo 5 hopefully sees the light of day."
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -----------

I just want to end this by reiterating that you have no clue what you're talking about. Gran Turismo 1, took 5 years from the ground up to develop an entire new engine. Alan Wake, take(s) 5 years to be created from the ground up. Killzone2 took 3 years to be developed. Games take time to be made. The comparissons to Duke Nukem are just ridiculous, I dont remember playing any Duke prologues, do you?

I get what you're trying to do. And this is one of the better articles i've seen on N4G. But you're pandering to the wrong crowd with it. GT speaks for itself, all the buzz all the hype that overshadows other game franchises. There is only 1 GT. You can play forza on a pc through any sim that lets you take liveries in Photoshop, and cars into 3dsmax/Maya. Plus you aren't forced to matchmake.

If GT's relevance is based on scores alone? Nope. GT isn't relevant. If GT's relevance is based on sales of the franchise & interaction with manufcaturers, i'm sorry but GT is more relevant than the definitive racer of this generation. If GT's relevance is in its featureset? Well again, GT5's confirmed features is years beyond its competition.

Ashby_JC4647d ago


Umm I am a gamer and love racing games.....

But do you REALLY....REALLY expect anyone to read ALL of that??

Your comment is as long as the article LMAO!

tnator4647d ago

What a read. Greywulf; you sure are passionate about that article. Great Stuff.

TotalPS3Fanboy4647d ago

"Will Forza 3 and other races still be relevant once GT5 is release?"

And the answer is: No.

iceman064647d ago

bubs up on the passion dude! Really, I actually read the entire comment and it is difficult to argue your passion for the GT franchise. I also tend to agree with your premise.

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ActionBastard4648d ago

Why do these questions only apply to multi-million dollar Sony franchises?

Chris Hansen4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

"But can the often-delayed grand daddy of racing games still hold its own more than a decade later, against a slew of highly-rated racing games that have put their own spin on the racing genre, like Forza Motorsport 3, GRiD, Project Gotham Racing 4, Burnout: Paradise, and Pure."

GRAN TURISMO 5: PROLOGUE (overpriced demo of GT5) = 4mil+ sales

And GT5 has only been delayed once.

JimmyJames704648d ago

Judging by these comments, I don't think anyone is actually reading the article, which is very good.

retrovertigo4648d ago

Why read the article when you can comment blindly on the headline? :)

Aclay4648d ago

Is GT still relavant? The 4+ Million people (including me) that bought the glorified GT5 demo, GT5P seems to think so. Hell, there probably isn't any other Racing Sim franchise on Consoles that can put up those kinds of numbers on a "Prologue" version of the full game.

"If GT5 is released in the coming months and doesn't offer a similar "accessiblilty" to a game like Forza Motorsport 3, will anybody outside of the hardcore simulation fans and Gran Turismo enthusiasts care?"

There really aren't that many people outside of hardcore sim fans and Gran Turismo enthusiasts that have bought GT games to begin with... I don't see why GT5 needs to be more "accessible" to any other audience because the franchise has been a 50+ million seller without it, and there's more than enough people that have consistently bought GT games over the years to ensure GT5 will be a major success.

GT is still VERY relavant, regardless of what any other competing Racing game does... the visual attention to detail and overall scale of every GT game, something that has yet to be matched by any other Racing Sim on consoles is just one of many things that make GT standout from above the rest.

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