How To Get The PS4 Pro For $215

Agheil - "I’ve had a couple of people ask me ( over on Instagram @TCMFGames ) how I got my PS4 Pro for such a cheap price. There were also some wondering how I got such a good trade in deal for my standard PS4. Well, the video below should explain things. Enjoy!"

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electricbanshi704d ago

Thats a pretty solid deal, I wonder if my Gamestop supports this deal.

Agheil704d ago

You should call in or go to the store and ask. I couldn't find this information on their site. Maybe I missed something over there.

Agheil704d ago

@Firelens Thanks for the help :)

freshslicepizza704d ago

pretty good deal, you trade in your ps4 and upgrade to a platinum card at ebgames.

N1704d ago

Does Gamestop have memberships like Ebgames in Canada? Might be a dumb question lol

firelens704d ago (Edited 704d ago )

They do but its called Power Up rewards and not an Edge card like in Canada. So the Power Up Pro membership might have this deal being the highest level membership like the Platinum Edge card. Hope that helps : )

N1704d ago

@Firelens Thanks for the explanation. has anyone checked to confirm if this offer is available with Power Up Pro?

electricbanshi704d ago

@N1 lol I came on here quickly to check if anyone has too. I can't at the moment.

N1704d ago

Im going to see if my local EB Games has this tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up !

Agheil704d ago

If it's an Eb Games, I don't know why they wouldn't have it :)

firelens704d ago

This is a great deal, just need to double check if its the same in the US

Agheil704d ago

Yeah, I didn't want to confirm anything on the US side since I don't know that for sure. :-/

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TXIDarkAvenger704d ago

Didn't expect a good deal in Canada. That's pretty sweet.

Agheil704d ago

Yeah it is. I was surprised when I heard about. I wasn't going to get a PS4 Pro right now but with a deal like that I couldn't resist haha

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