Top 10 Xbox One Games that Need a 4K Upgrade

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "There will be a new Xbox in the future that can handle glorious 4k and these are the Xbox One Games that Need a 4K Upgrade."

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XXanderXX1074d ago

Agree , it would be great .

poppinslops1074d ago

Most of the games listed - particularly those with PC versions - will be upgraded... same goes for any 'old' XO game that uses dynamic scaling (Halo 5, The Witcher 3, The Division etc).

I expect we'll get our first look at the Scorpio versions at next year's E3, so it will be interesting to see how older games fare in-comparison to the PS4Pro (which runs some titles worse than their 'vanilla' counterparts), as well as the likes of Crackdown and Scalebound... not to mention the unannounced 'from the ground up' games like Forza 7 and Halo 6, which should look even more impressive.

Aenea1074d ago

I wouldn't be so sure that all the games with a PC version will automatically be upgraded. The PS4 Pro tells us something about that and if CDPR is not willing to update The Witcher 3 for the Pro I doubt they will do for the Scorpio. This means it's not a given.

Also your jab at Pro games running worse, that's not a Pro thing, that's a developer thing, they were sloppy...

poppinslops1074d ago

It doesn't matter whose fault it is - Sony needs to make sure it's fixed, because they're the one's who promised that every game would run at least as well as the base PS4 versions... pointing the finger isn't going to sell me a console.

As to the matter of PC ports for Scorpio, I agree - some of the games listed (like Ori) probably won't support the Scorpio, but I'd wager that the majority of them will... with regards to Wild Hunt, the beauty of dynamic-scaling is that any game using it will be automatically scaled up or down based on the specs of whatever hardware it's running on... sure, the results won't be as impressive as a dedicated 'remaster', but - like you said - that wasn't ever going to happen, given CDPR's stance on the Pro.

demonddel1074d ago

It's coming bruh and it's gonna blow ur mind #TheMightyScorpio is coming

LAWSON721074d ago

I wish they would add the halo 5 campaign to the PC version

skycaptin51074d ago

I should have actually added that, the particle effects on 4k PC for Killer Instinct are incredible

Yohshida1074d ago

Following the track record, they sure will update it. They updated the game from 720p to 900p already and it runs at a steady 60fps

Aenea1074d ago

Because you are so silly in PS4 articles I have a tendency to comment to your 720p/900p stuff, but nah....

Yohshida1073d ago

Also they updated the Visuals a lot and giving out new content, modes all the time. Plus the game is free 2 play.

Nonne is faking stuff saying 900p, other than ps4pro, I won't call it 4k if it isn't.

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