The sublime simplicity of Skate 3

Skate 3 understood the defiant nature of destroying public property as a creative outlet and the feeling of being an outsider that comes with a willingness to drop everything on a whim to go ride a piece of wood around the streets.

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2810d ago

Dead Space Isaac Clarke: Every Cameo in Other Games

Isaac Clarke of Dead Space fame has appeared in many games, both as a playable character and an Easter Egg. Have you played them all?


Xbox 360/PS3 Ports That Would Be Great on Nintendo Switch

Here's a list of Xbox 360/PS3 games that would be great on the Nintendo Switch (at a modest, reasonable price of course). These games could really flourish if given a new lease on life, introducing a new generation to their greatness.

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MichaelKnight83742d ago (Edited 742d ago )

I'm sure R* knows the Nintendo Switch install base and probably dont really care to port over more R* games to the Nintendo Switch tho i gotta say playing GTA4 & RDR1 on the go on the Nintendo Switch would be dope

Knightofelemia742d ago

I would buy Lollipop Chainsaw, Alice Madness Returns, Enslaved, Splatter House, Brutal Legends, Dante's Inferno, and Dead Space for sure if they were ported to the Switch.

Mobis-New-Nest742d ago

Deus Ex Human Revolution would be a great title to The Holy Grail of All Consoles aka The Nintendo Switch*. Also Haze Remastered, Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5 Remastered, Silent Hill HD Collection, Max Payne 3 Remastered, Call of Duty World At War Remastered, The Orange Box Remastered, Halo Master Chief Collection, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 Remastered, Metal Gear Solid 4 Remastered, Afro Samurai Remastered, Demons Souls Remastered, Xmen Destiny Remastered, Jack and Daxter Collection, Def Jam Icon Remake, Folklore Remastered, Spiderman Edge of Time Remastered, Persona 5 remastered, the list goes on. (*Best Selling Console of All Time)

MontyeKristo742d ago (Edited 742d ago )

Can we just get a Bully 2? 😒

iplay1up2742d ago

Seriously? Isn't it time Nintendo make a Switch successor? I mean they have the sales and money.

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A New EA Skate Gaming is Coming, For Real (Interview)

Jenkemmag - We talked to Cuz Perry and Deran Chung, who were both a part of the original team that worked on Skate 3 and tried to squeeze as much info out of them as we could regarding the new title. They were a bit tight-lipped, but at the very least, you can read on and hear some good news from some people who are actually trustworthy on the matter.

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Toiletsteak1494d ago

So the one time I don't bother watching EA's conference is the time they actually announce Skate 4, the only reason I ever watched their conferences for.

monkey6021494d ago

They haven't even started working on it yet. You missed nothing

sourOG1494d ago

I hyped! Been waiting on this for years! I have a feeling they didn’t show anything because they just approved it yesterday after looking at the comments. We literally willed this into existence lol.

Si-Fly1494d ago

Hope you’re hyped about adding more years to your wait!

sourOG1494d ago

Not really lol. That’s actually a bummer. But it’s cool they pulled their head out of their ass regardless.

BrainSyphoned1494d ago

Rushed EA game to capitalize off the Tony Hawk rerelease wave.

ApocalypseShadow1494d ago

Correct. Only after Tony Hawk coming back did they decide to make one.

iareber951494d ago

I think a culmination of Tony Hawk, Skater XL and Session. I'd lean more towards the growing popularity of Skater XL and Session seeing as Tony Hawk was only just announced very recently. Let's just hope it's not rushed.

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