Top 10 Best Batman Video Games

GameSpew look back at 10 of the best Batman games from over the years. From LEGO Batman to Arkham City and Batman Returns, come see the full list.

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GrimDragon761d ago

They forgot "batman" on the nes that one was really good better than all the games on that list except arkham knight.

Hardiman760d ago

I never finished Arkham Knight and I booted it up last night and I saw there were several free skins and packs so I installed them and I'm going through it with the Dark Knight skin. It was cool for Rocksteady to offer them for free so now I'm gonna buy some more of the DLC missions. I also got the Return to Arkham collection and I can't wait to play them again. Probably my three favorite Batman titles.

Master of Unlocking760d ago

Batman Arkham Asylum number 1, yeah right, when you have Arkham Knight which utterly destroys it in just about every aspect, not the least of which is the visual department. Whatever.