How Much Would You Pay For A Cheat?

ScreenGurus Louise explores the murky world of Steam and Cheats - and tries to understand why it's become such big business for those involved.

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crazychris41241368d ago

Never would cheat in multiplayer but love using cheats and mods in single player once I complete or get bored of the campaign. Was playing Insurgency last night and I was on fire for the most of the 2-3 hours I played. Its 1000x more fun to do well with no cheats in games that require some skill. Of course in one of the matches I played some douche was using a wall hack which spoiled the fun. He left at the end of the round when everyone caught on, even his own team that he was cheating. I just dont see the fun in cheating in multiplayer. Maybe some people do it because they arent good and need an advantage.

Perjoss1368d ago

wouldn't use one even if they paid me, that's just me though

quent1368d ago

How much would you pay for microtransactions ?

SunnyZ1368d ago

Wouldn't pay a cent.
No need to when you can easily find the memory locations urself.

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