Ratchet and Clank PS4 Pro vs PS4 Screenshot Comparison Showcase Improved AA, Depth of Field Effect

The Lombax looks pretty good on PS4 Pro.

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mad-dog712d ago

Eh, that's an update for the standard PS4 version. This isn't even PS Pro.

OpenGL711d ago

Yep, I fired the game up on my launch PS4 and the anti-aliasing quality has been improved significantly.

kowan712d ago

They totally failed to read their sources.
Those are screenshots comparing the game on a STANDARD PS4 after the latest patch which not only adds ps4 pro upgrades(only viewable on the pro, obviously) but also improves the anti-aliasing and motion blur on the original ps4 version. Gamingbolt just didn't bother to actually read the source and just assumed that those new screenshots must be on the pro.

DigitalRaptor711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

These look like the comparison shots for the updates that came to regular PS4 to me.