40° - SOCOM Confrontation Beta Impressions

VampHuntD writes: When I first thought of giving impressions on this game, I knew I was going to take some serious heat. The game in my eyes just wasn't well adjusted and didn't have that style that made it worth playing to me. It didn't appear to have any redeeming qualities at all. But I also didn't want to pull a Metal Gear Solid 4 and review a game in a series of which I've never played a previous game.

Then I played again and learned not to suck.

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hwbrewer34825d ago

you are very inaccurate with your review besides the teammate part.i have been playing shooters seriously since golden eye for n64 and i know when we have a sooter thats going to outshine after a few months of its online game like this that was made from a mix of previous socoms and also other popular online shooters is going to take over the psn community.good bye mgo and do not bother releasing resistance 2.everybody will be playing socom confrontation online.whats cod5,you will see.what tv were you playing on when you said the graphics were not that great,a 1990 rear projection,get real.also after a while of playing the realism in this game wins you over and takes you away from arcadish games like cod4.thankyou

Bits-N-Kibbles4825d ago

for a SOCOM noob!

This is like saying, I played the halo 3 beta and I suck and die all the time and I didnt do much research about the game before I played the game, BUT i think i will do a review....


- Bits-N-Kibbles

AngryXbot4825d ago (Edited 4825d ago )

"I know this one has been on the streets for a while now. The graphics aren’t great. They serve their purpose however and that is all that matters in my eyes. The gritty look gives some realism since the places I played were all in deserts (Maybe they will get improved, meh)."

Seems to me people who bash stating the above, just doesnt get it: P S FKING N game. THATS PEE ASS ANNNN. PSN. PLAYSTATION NETWORK. PSN GAME.

For a PSN game, the graphics are one of the BEST. Since when do Arcade game look as good in 3d as SOCOM and Warhawk?

This isnt the real next gen SOCOM, people. THIS IS A PSN GAME. Meant to be a substitute until the real SOCOM arrives. Why? Because the guys who made SOCOM, are working on MAG.

The only reason this is on Blu Ray, is to give people an option of having it on disk.

Its a PSN game. And for a PSN game, it needs to be reviewed like a PSN game. Its not a full fledged game like Bioshock or Call of Duty or Gears of war.

This is a P_S_N game. Why do you think it only has multi player.
For a PSN game this game is looking HOT. Its like saying Fat princess graphics suck because its simple sprites. Anything who states something like this, just dont get it in my eyes. What were they expecting? KILLZONE2 graphics? For crying out loud, SOCOM has to be fit for DL on PSN!

Guys, make no mistake. This game is going to replace all your Warhawk blues.

First day material.

VampHuntD4825d ago

The author knows he is a noob at SOCOM and didn't bash the game at all. He even goes on to say it'll be a sure fire purchase! Why the hate when the overall review says go pick this up?