Bloodborne Wants to Drive Players Mad

Bloodborne might not have the shock and tension of a horror game, but its horror manages to linger long after the game is over.

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Community2811d ago
Player3Podcast2812d ago

Man. This makes me want to go back and replay Bloodborne. One of my favorite settings and lores of any game.

MKUltra2812d ago

So true. From Software is great at nailing mood and atmosphere in their games. Bloodborne is a shining example of that.

kranker2811d ago

My favourite game world next to the last of us.

nyctophilia132811d ago

One of the best games this generation, if not the best so far. Hell, its one of the best games I've ever played in my 30 years of gaming. Its right up there with Symphony of the Night.

PurpHerbison2811d ago

Bloodborne is easily the best game of this generation.

Lazybones20202812d ago

My fear of the unknown is what usually keeps me alive in those games! While Bloodborne is certainly faster paced than the rest of the Souls games, it definitely pays off to be cautious, slow, and steady! I've watched the game be completed multiple times, but I really need to bunker down and finish it for myself! I'm around half-way through, Dark Souls included! It's rough whenever games keep releasing and your backlog feels like it's infinitely expanding.

MKUltra2812d ago

That's the worst haha. Blood borne is definitely worth finishing. But I might be slightly biased :p

Deep-throat2811d ago

You clowns enjoy watching than playing... it's so sad. Quit gaming, enjoy trash streams.

Nicaragua2811d ago

Its a good thing we have you to inform us on how people should enjoy themselves.

Will you be publishing the rest of your entertainment guidelines as a manifesto or should we just wait for more whiney lame-ass comments?

LightofDarkness2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I'm surprised you took time away from your favourite past-time, which your namesake implies, to vomit forth insecure "bro-gamer" yawn-sense. You'd figure with a deep throat you'd be able to hold that down, or is that also merely an insecure "humble-brag?"

remixx1162811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Deep throat

Bruh these two guys just killed you. Like, there is no coming back from this ass whipping. Your so done in fact your well done, like a hamburger. Your new name is deep throat hamburger.

Get that ass outta here.

MeteorPanda2811d ago

what? Since when was watching someone play frowned upon? That past time has given gamers jobs in gaming! How can you be against that??

I didn't even know that was even a thing

PurpHerbison2811d ago

Sometimes I watch more than I play and sometimes I play more than I watch. Wanna fight about it?

Kurdishcurse2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

you are embarrasing youself. walk away before you look even more of a retard than you already are.

Deep-throat2810d ago

Video game watchers (aka fake gamers) are too lazy to play games. They need their lovely streams to keep up.

Hotabang2810d ago

his name is deep throat, no wonder cancer is spewing from his mouth XD

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Shiken2811d ago

Finished it six times and got the plat. Fantastic game!

cyber_daemonx2811d ago

Have you played The Old Hunters? Its a great expansion.

cyber_daemonx2811d ago

Keep plugging away Lazy. It's well worth it.

Lazybones20202811d ago

My roommates at the time had more time on their hands than I did, so I watched them play while I worked on assignments from time to time. I really enjoyed the content the game had to offer, The Old Hunters expansion included! I can't wait to be able to complete the game myself! Thank you for the support!

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FullmetalRoyale2811d ago

I definitely got survival horror vibes from it. And man, that ending was just perfect. I prefer the experience that Bloodborne gave me to that of the regular Souls series. The difference in setting really makes the difference for me.

MKUltra2811d ago

Same here. I love the Gothic vibe that Bloodborne has.

NinjaSqrl2811d ago

Having never owned a PS, From Software's games are among the games I am saddest about missing out on. I love how unforgiving they are. You have to earn every little bit. It's interesting how that concept applies not only to gameplay, but to story, and how that connects back to the game's Lovecraftian nature.

Goldby2811d ago

pick up a slim or an og ps4 for dirt cheap. its a game no one should miss out on

cyber_daemonx2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Bloodborne is definitely worth getting a PS4 for its that good.

BG115792811d ago

Get a friend to borrow you his PS4 and the game.
Seriously, people are missing out on this one.

Mason6662811d ago

One of my favourite games of all time. Especially going in blind as I'd never played a souls game before it. It got me hooked and I've since got 100% on every ps3 and ps4 souls game. Ds3 dlc withstanding as it just came out.