Former Irrational Games Developer Publishes Tell-All About 2K Games

A former developer at Irrational Games has put up an article disclosing the downfall of Irrational Games under its management by 2K Games.

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Fist4achin1788d ago

There were some seriously talented studios there. I hope if they're being stifled that they will find better studios to continue to allow them to expand their creativity.

TheColbertinator1788d ago

Wow lost some respect for 2K

DefenderOfDoom21788d ago

Best article i have read on N4g in a long time after reading the whole letter from the anonymous developer from IRRATIONAL GAMES .

georeo1788d ago

Wow that was sad to read

opinionated1788d ago

Good read. Closing the bioshock 2 studio to open the mafia 3 studio sounds like a colossal blunder and typical suit stuff. That's why all of these big names are breaking off into smaller indie studios. Levine, Kojima, etc.

DefenderOfDoom21788d ago

Well, at least it is good to know that Ken Levine and small team of developers are working a new video game without any interference from a big publisher like 2K, back in Boston .

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