Kingdom Hearts Collection is Only a Dream for Xbox One Fans

Xbox One gamers are being ignored by Kingdom hearts' developer.

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Overload2792d ago

When people don't buy games, games stop coming.

They did it to themselves.

S2Killinit2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Part of it is because xbox doesnt sell well outside of a handfull of countries. That means only games that cater to the majority of those select countries sell on xbox, and so developer would have to be nuts to spend time and energy on xbox in return for deminished returns.

Thats why they dont have games like Ni No Kuni or Dragon Quest Builders.

MadeForGaming2792d ago

So why releasing KH3 at the first place ?

Muzikguy2792d ago

This is true, yet for a few years before PS4 MS camp was all talk about how they buy the most games. I never believed it and still don't, and this kind of proves that. Of course, they were probably tampering with the results somehow. Buy the most games* (because COD sold 2% better) or something like that

zekk2792d ago

@madeforgaming. Wasn't there an article a while back that said square pulled all the xb1 marketing mean there may no longer be a xb1 version? Maybe I'm remembering wrong....

darthv722792d ago

From what i know about kingdom hearts... it is PS and DS/3DS related. Not one game existed for xbox nor does any xbox fan really care so this is trying to make something out of nothing.

2792d ago
DarkZane2792d ago


Because they announced FF15 and KH3 before the Xbox One was release, they thought it would be successful.

Now the Xbox One is out and it's basically a flop. Square-Enix are only going through with FF15 and KH3 because they announced them, but every other games they're making are skipping the Xbox One.

Then you also have FF7 Remake, that is gonna be permanently console exclusive to Sony because they own the publishing rights for FF7 and anything related to it and you can't remake something without anyone involved in the original agreeing to, which means Sony has a say in the matter.

darthv722792d ago

@darkzane... "you can't remake something without anyone involved in the original agreeing to.." are you so sure about that?

There have been games published by nintendo that have been remade on other platforms. Does that mean that Nintendo just agreed to let it happen or is it more about the amount of time passing between the original release and the remake???? A statute of limitations if you will.

Im fine with FFVII being PS because that is what it is associated with. I have it on PS1 myself.

LastCenturyRob2792d ago

But the countries it does sell well in adds up to roughly thirty million. That's a lot of potential millions to turn their nose up at.

RedDevils2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

@Muzikguy don't want to insult you, but you sound like a complete sore looser.

GrubsterBeater2792d ago

@ Rookie

"And I'll be looking forward to play the definitive edition of Kingdom Heart 3 on the ultimate Home console next year."

So you're finally going to buy a PlayStation?

Wow, Rookie.. I didn't think you had it in ya, but you must have finally realized that PlayStation is the superior console for gaming. Good for you, Rookie. I'm proud of you. We all are.

Muzikguy2792d ago


I don't mean to insult you either, but I really don't care what I sound like to you. I've already seen time and time again what it's like to have a level head on your shoulders, speak the truth, and have common sense. I can't help it I see things many can't (depending on the situations) and can think for myself. I'm not the sore loser. It's those other people that are sore losers. You know the ones. They change their words around to sound realistic, make up numbers and stats that don't matter.... things like that. No offense 😜

kmeck5182791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )


I believe anyone that owns the rights to a game would have to "ok" it if someone else wants to develop that title. There is no statute of limitations, however I do believe they have to keep up the copyright on it or someone else can purchase it.

Captain_Mushroom2791d ago

Ummm... ok? Kingdom Hears Collection is Only a Dream for N64 Fans. There, I can write useless shit, as well :)

DarXyde2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

I'd say that depends on how much time and money goes into ports, wouldn't you say? The consoles are far more alike in terms of development and architecture than not.

If, in fact, porting between PS4 and Xbox One is a very simple, cost efficient process, I don't see why not put it on Xbox One.

But if it's a tedious process, I say they do whatever they feel they must. It does suck for people who only own Xbox though. They're pretty much left to Google everything to prepare for KHIII.

Maybe Square will make everything available on the Xbox One version's disc or as downloads? Unlikely, but if they did that for free, I'm pretty sure that'd upset the PlayStation fans who actually bought the HD versions separately.

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lelo2play2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Unless Microsoft produces Japanese games (like they did during x360 with a few JRPG's)... there will be less and less japanese JRPG's on the X1. The only Japanese game Microsoft is producing in the near future (that I can remember) is Scalebound.

Basically ... If X1 gamers want JRPG's on the X1, they have to pressure Microsoft...

nitus102792d ago

Scalebound is made by Platinum Games which is a Japanese company.

From watching gameplay of Scalebound, I would classify this a "Bro-Action RPG" so I very much doubt that this game would be attractive to Japanese RPG lovers and that is assuming the game is translated into Japanese. I won't deny that the gameplay looks interesting and graphics of this game are really nice but that cringeworthy voice acting is really annoying.

SegaGamer2792d ago

We have been pressuring them, it's just that all we get is the odd comment here and there from Phil Spencer saying that he would like to have Japanese games on the Xbox One. Saying and doing are two totally different things though.

This is part of the reason why the Xbox is behind the Playstation and why it's always been that way. The Xbox attracts players that are mostly fans of the same games, the Playstation attracts fans of every type of game.

rainslacker2792d ago

Recore has more of a Japanese feel than Scalebound does.

Platinum is one of those weird devs who don't have a consistent style. Sometimes their games are very Japanese, Sometimes they're very western, and sometimes they're in between

Their games are usually pretty good though, but there are plenty of Japanese games around that I'd say were more geared toward the western audience than the more typical Japanese game....RPG or otherwise.

TheHorseTamer2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )


There were never any KH games on any previous Xbox consoles ever so where are you getting the FACTS to back up your claim that it isn't getting those old KH games because it don't sell well on Xbox? Kingdom Heart 3 is still scheduled to be on Xbox One, is it not? The last gen mainline Final Fantasy games were on Xbox 360 and a new one is coming in a month, is it not? So why is Square Enix putting all their current AAA jRPGs on Xbox One if what you are saying is true?

Regardless of how it sell on Xbox, the truth is KH3 and FF15 are coming to Xbox and I'll enjoy it. Thank you Square Enix and hope you guys will bring the two FF from last gen and make it BC as well as I have both.

Doabarrelroll2792d ago

Dude shut up and just accept the truth. Games like KH DONT SELL WELL OK XBOX. Ill be real no one can say with a straight face that xbox is a gears, forza, halo box cause its not. MS is showing new games, which is good. BUT the xbox community is still the same halo forza gears community it was last gen, apart from halo 5 and most likely gears 4 NO exclusive on xbox has done well in sales even if has good reviews. Where as PS MAIN exclusives have all done well in sales, hell even games like knack which are the butt of everyones jokes sold well.

Why is SQ bringing KH3 to xbox? I dont know and frankly it doesnt deserve it, a game doesnt belong on a console where a good portion of the fanbase looks at it and anyone that plays it as weird weeaboo garbage or niche trash(ironic seeing is nearly every xbox game flops in sales, that makes those games niche too).

Facts is the last FF game on xbox sold bad, the new one will sell bad and you bet your ass KH3 is going to sell bad, shame all that money wasted on development could've been used on making the game even better than it will be in the future(hopefully).

Overload2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

KH3 and FF15 were in development already for Xbox when they made this decision, obviously.

The only JRPG that has been announced for Xbox since then from them is the one that came with the FF15 demo, which is probably why they decided to. FF7R isn't even coming to Xbox.

TruM06072792d ago

Well I know one thing I only play in Xbox and I'm buying KH3 if not day one then soon after and would have bought this remix in a heart beat. I am actually seriously thinking about buying a PS4 just for this game then sell it afterwards or put it towards Scorpio. But I don't know if I want to play with that funky awkward controller.

Chevalier2791d ago


Yeah even with way more 360's in the U.S. they sold significantly less then their PS3 counterparts, so yeah they actually do sell terribly. This was in 2009 so there were over 30 million million Xbox 360's in the wild and they ONLY sold 494,000 at launch. So just consider there are only about 20 million Xbones currently. I would be surprised if they came anywhere near a million units.

DarXyde2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )


You make some stark generalizations. I'm mostly a PlayStation guy (I even play my Wii U more than my Xbox One) but come on. Xbox One "doesn't deserve it"? Really? Because of the way a few internet children dismiss those games? So you know, it's entirely possible that their position comes from jealously. Or maybe they just don't care for it. Regardless, why punish all for the behavior of a few? I don't consider that fair. Does that mean PlayStation does not deserve games like Call of Duty or Battlefield? There were, after all, a good number of PlayStation gamers last generation criticizing those titles as "[generic Xbox dude bro garbage]".

And where is your information coming from that Xbox games have been flopping in sales? I'm inclined to say it was just the new IPs. I believe Rise of the Tomb Raider was a commercial success during its exclusivity period as was Dead Rising 3 among others.

If Kingdom Hearts III was PlayStation exclusive, we wouldn't be having this conversation. That move actually makes sense if the entire series history is on PlayStation and it's a pretty story intensive title. But it isn't. It's on Xbox One. Don't you think the right thing for Square to do would be catching them up?

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Lennoxb632792d ago

Doesn't make sense to put KH3 on the X1 then. If the others won't sell, than neither will their latest installment.

I think KH would do great on X1. It's real time action. If it was turn based they'd have an argument but its not.