See Age of Conan in DirectX 10

Funcom's PC MMOG Age of Conan is one of the flagship titles for Vista and DirectX 10, and to present us with a view of what the new version of DirectX means for the game, DX10-specific footage has been released.

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THWIP5233d ago

...what exactly is so great about DX10 again? :/

This looks like 'WOW', with sub-Oblivion character models....not exactly impressive.

Mikey_Gee5233d ago

I see no "HOLY CRAP" factor in this AT ALL.

Current stuff on the PC looks better than this.

THWIP5233d ago


DreDawgg065233d ago

Well you gotta admit, the backgrounds and scenery looked great. Once the character models started appearing I quickly closed the video lol.

THWIP5233d ago

I thought the backgrounds and screnery were the worst part.....PS2 textures and low polys.

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