10 Best Horror Games You’ve Never Played

Over the years, there have been many great horror games that have slipped under the radar. These 10 spooky games in particular are the best you've never played.

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sdcard4gb2823d ago

Played all ot them, literally.
Change the title, it is wrong.

Ben Dover2823d ago

Can we please get in touch with the author and inform that sdcard4gb has played them all, making this entire article inaccurate?

sdcard4gb2823d ago

Why are you writing me about this ? Get in touch with n4g guys and tell them that.


The best Alien games to play while you wait for Alien: Romulus

If you've got an Alien itch you can't quite scratch until Alien: Rolumus releases, GameSpew has rounded up the best Alien games to tide you over.

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banger8895d ago

Alien Trilogy is great as well and still holds up good even today.


The 7 Best Survival Horror Games for Retro Gamers

Got that retro survival horror bug? Here's Chit Hot's picks for the seven best survival horror games from yesteryear.

cthulhucultist183d ago

Eternal Darkness was way ahead of its time especially for a Nintendo exclusive.

I would love to see a remake or sequel (multiplatform)

Ristul183d ago

When I see Eternal Darkness, I klick!

TheBrainZ182d ago

Not to sound too repetitive but Eternal Darkness all the way!

GaboonViper182d ago

Eternal Darkness is one of my most favourite games of all time.

kevco33182d ago

4 people love Eternal Darkness.

Quick! Jump on that remake, whoever holds the rights these days.


10 Rarest Nintendo Wii Games Worth Their Weight in Gold

The Nerd Stash: "Looking to make some quick cash? Have some old Wii games lying around? Well, why not take a gander at our list of rarest Nintendo Wii games?"

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