Inside the PlayStation 4 Pro with Mark Cerny

Roughly three years after launching the PlayStation 4, Sony is week away from releasing a bigger, better version: the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Despite a summer (and then some) full of leaks and speculation, Sony waited until last month to publicly unveil the Pro in New York. Even then, technical details about the console were sparse; this week, system architect Mark Cerny told Gamasutra and other members of the press that since New York he’s been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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naruga2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

of course PS4 Pro can produce that much of a power ...would be stupidly retarded for Sony to not be a match for X-Scorpio and play the underdog role like Nintendo...what i see is that Scorpio will exceed PS4 Pro visuals only in its exclusives and there not significantly ...

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Red_Renegade2416d ago

none of you guys have any clue what you're talking about.

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bouzebbal2416d ago

Sony and Nintendo are doing gaming the right way.
Some other company has nothing but words to feed their most loyal sheep.

nix2416d ago

All these Xboxers defending MS n going jingoistic. Poor souls don't even know that MS has left this generation because they've been beaten up black and blue.

The Scorpio was just a desperate move back at E3 clearly shown by the video which showed nothing. People are going to invest in Switch when it comes out because that's the second console one can have because most "exclusives" are anyways going to turn up on Steam after the poor sale on W10 store.

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Gazondaily2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Well they started the whole mid gen upgrade thing. Their philosophy is no different from Microsoft I imagine but they just have weaker hardware.

morganfell2416d ago

They have the hand. Now. Some people though...

Fatal-Aim2416d ago

The only one that doesn't believe in it or is pretending to not care about generation cycles is Microsoft because they are getting their butt kicked. So to divert from the thought, they tell you generations don't matter anymore. Its typical marketing.

DeadlyFire2416d ago

This is part of AMD Polaris tech they claim I believe. This is just a way to keep Pro in the ballpark of 4K rendering with mixing checkerboard rendering and this into it. Its a measure to ensure they are not left to far behind and hang onto the market until PS5 comes along.

While Microsoft claims 6 Tflops they could be using an estimation. As the hardware is not final just yet. It could reach just below that and they could still claim 6 Tflops. Worst case scenario Xbox still has the higher number even if it were 5.5/11 Tflops.

Switch is only capable of 1 - 2 Tflops max if its using base low power components at 16 FP. Its basic math 16 fp is double 32 FP performance output as less GPU cores are used at the same time with 16 FP.

freshslicepizza2416d ago

of course they still believe in console generations, their number one goal is to sell hardware and with playstation now festering in the background it is clear sony doesn't want to rock the boat. the ps4 pro will be a big success so expect these mid-term consoles each generation too.

uth112416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

That 16-bit half float trick Cerny talked about is is a next gen AMD feature. Not sure if nVidia GPUs have it

Kingthrash3602416d ago

I'm convinced that xbox fanboys are lying to themselves at this point. Nobody is a fan a of system and is this misinformed about it.

jlove4life2415d ago

Why is he getting so many disagrees its 40 million plus vanilla ps4's out you think 3rd party devs going to alienate PlayStation player base for scorpio small group yeah right keep dreaming though actuality PlayStation can coast off ps4 regular and ps4 pro and a yr or 2 by 2020 release ps 5 microsoft will forever try to catch PlayStation unless PlayStation pull a x1 and piss off consumers but with sony relying on PlayStation dont see that ever happening #facts

lastking952415d ago

Never seen so much denial in my life lol. You ppl got it bad. Reap what you sow

sammarshall1022415d ago

Looking at what Microsoft achieved with 1 tflop in Gears 4, Horizon 3 and the rest of their X1 titles, they're going to create amazing games with 6 tflops

Kingthrash3602415d ago

You can say the same about the ps4 tho right?

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-Foxtrot2417d ago

Yeah. Hopefully this means the PS5 will be after the Pro

darthv722416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

The PS5 will be perfectly timed for their next portable and console entries. So maybe... just maybe sony will build a hybrid as well?

Except unlike the switch, the docking station will contain some extra power to make for true 4k and enhanced vr.

When the PS5 is undocked, all the games will run 1080p 60fps no questions asked.

@EDMIX, when Sony added tv out to the PSP 2000 it was done as an afterthought. Yet when they revised the PSP Go and designed it to support docking and real controllers it showed a hint of what could be. Well before intendo and the Switch. It showed there could be a point where console and portable would be one and the same.

now back then the specs werent what they needed to be in order to deliver a full console experience but those days have changed. Sony has the know how, the technical skills and especially the developers to make something like this a reality and do it way better than Nintendo. I kept hoping sony would revisit their attempt and make something even better and rather than split the gaming base between portable and console they can serve both with one fully packed and powerful unit.

Be the market leader to both fronts instead of just one.

_-EDMIX-_2416d ago

@darth- Sony already did PSP 2000 and 3000 as well as the PSP Go so why would they do that again?

I mean sure for the next handheld but I don't see PlayStation 5 being that considering their market leader

bouzebbal2416d ago

yes, 2 years from now i think. Together with PSVR2 if VR1 becomes something.

DeadlyFire2416d ago

AMD Already confirmed AMD Zen APUs will be 'console ready for development' by 2018/2019 for Sony/Microsoft.

AMD Zen CPU cores will be vastly more power on the CPU side compared to AMD Jaguar cores in the XB Scorpio and PS4 Pro.

Tapani2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )


Why would Sony create a hybrid in 2020 or so when you have 5G available and you can finally start streaming PS Now (including now PS4, PS3, PS2, PSX + Vue) with PS5?

They are extremely smart in creating the PS Now infrastructure, well, now. It is truly going to shine with 5G. A true digital service with everything Playstation streaming to any of your devices. Home experience uncompromised with 4K/8K HDR screen and a full-on customized box with latest tech. All in one ecosystem, including exclusives and an affordable price.

Zarock2415d ago

PS5 will be Sony's answer to the Xbox Scorpio!! It will knock the shit out of It.

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S2Killinit2416d ago

Good to hear. Sony consoles are the best electronic investment I have made in the pst, and i wiuld like them to continue the tradition.

Mystogan2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

So they still believe in starting from scratch with your games library and buying all new accessories?
There is LITERALLY no benefit to console generations for gamers, it only benefits the companies cuz you have to buy all new games and your accessories. People need to get over it. Its a thing of the past. There is no reason anymore that my current game or controller can't work with my new console. Its already pretty appalling that my 360 controller doesn't work with my xbox one, even though it uses USB and works with Windows PC's. Good thing that wont be the case going forward with Xbox.

If they want to lose the PS5 vs Xbox 5 war, this is exactly how they will lose that war. People will be more likely to buy an Xbox 5 because all their games and controllers will just work.

If it can play old games and controllers. Then its not the traditional console generation.

TheColbertinator2416d ago

Xbox 5?

And of course people will buy a new console even if it cant play the old games. I bought an Xbox 1 shortly after launch to play new games not 360 games. It was two years before Microsoft announced BC anyway.

Also who knows what will happen next gen anyway. No one saw the Wii winning 7th gen and not everyone expected the PS4 winning this gen after Microsoft did so well last gen.

I call for "wait and see"

iceman062416d ago

As long as they stick with the architecture of the PS4, which is likely, they won't have the same problems with BC as they had with the PS3. So, "starting over" becomes a non-issue. New games will be made for the new console, just like new games would be made for upgraded hardware. Controllers will advance and change so, at some point, most of us would be upgrading to those anyway. Especially if there are new features on it that games would take advantage of. All in all, whatever the cycle is (whether it's continuous or generational) won't really change too much. As long as the consoles don't radically change architectures.
IMO, the biggest difference will be the hype and spectacle surrounding them. Console launches are traditionally very eventful. They are like a shot of adrenaline to both sides of the industry, gamers and publishers alike. That part might be missed with a continuous cycle. Unless, of course, the new consoles actually have exclusive games. In which case, that would pretty much be similar to generational launches that kept BC as an option.

G20WLY2416d ago

"buying all new accessories" - what, like the Move controllers? Oh wait, they're still being used in conjunction with cutting edge technology 2 generations apart. Nice try, Mystogan, but sadly...bad troll failed. :(

OB1Biker2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

its can have the best of both approach. The main point and interest of a real new gen is to have new gen only games that actually use the full potential of the console and not only play old gen games. Still doesnt mean it cant play old games AS WELL.. I m sure the PSVR will work on the PS5 too.
Point is there is more incentive to buy a new gen console if you cant play true new games on old consoles. You can have all the power you want on a new model but power is about pointless if not used to its full potential. At some point, better graphics and performance is not enough and many gamers would still be playing on PS3/xbox 360 if they could play the same games.

ShottyatLaw2416d ago

Not sure why you got all of those disagrees. The best feature of PC gaming is the limitless compatibility. I hope Sony and MS shift away from this walled-garden approach.

I'd gladly lose rumble triggers or a touch pad in order to use my drawer full of 360 and PS3 controllers. I'd also skip 95% of the indie titles flooding the market to play a last gen AAA I might have missed on PS3 or 360. I shouldn't need multiple consoles to enjoy a company's library of software or peripherals in 2016.

Eventually games won't run on the new systems. That's fine. No different than eventually needing a new graphics card. But at least my steam library doesn't get wiped out whenever I upgrade.

rainslacker2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Given that the changes between gens aren't so vast anymore, and that there aren't significant changes to input and whatnot, I actually kind of agree with this. At least the first couple sentences.

In the past, the generational changes had enough differences in the actual computing tech to warrant leaving the old behind. But nowadays, the whole premise of new generations of gaming is just throwing more power at it. There is very little logical reason to move into new architectures, when one consistent architecture is more than capable of providing what games need to deliver.

We've just reached a point where games have plateaued, and until the next step is needed, there is no real reason to shake things up beyond the power requirement.

I don't know if I would take Cerny's comment as saying that BC isn't necessary, or that accessories need to be abandoned in a new gen though. I think he was just speaking more from a technical point of view, where a new generation can indeed bring in some sort of new thing on the architecture side which would be beneficial for gaming advancement. There is nothing to say that the base architecture needs to be changed though.

Cerny is more a hardware guy. He doesn't seem to spend much time talking about the actual effects it has on consumers.

I don't know what next gen holds in terms of technology, although he might, but likely it's just going to be more power. removing accessories or libraries would benefit the hardware and software makers, but I think that even Sony is more interested in moving forward with a standard architecture so they can not have to design something new each time. It reduces their costs, and it makes them more nimble to provide upgrades allowing companies like AMD or NVidia to do most of the R&D into new computing tech advances.

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miyamoto2415d ago

Great interview.
He is working on Death Stranding and other PS4 exclusives.

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Relientk772417d ago

Good, looking forward to PS5

never4get2417d ago ShowReplies(3)
Sonyslave32417d ago ShowReplies(12)
PhoenixUp2416d ago

There logically always has to be a new console generation sometime in the future. You can't iterate on the same console 4ever

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