Overlooked Gem: Mafia II

GamerBolt looks over Mafia II, a great game that achieved more than the newcomer of Mafia III.

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sullynathan727d ago

Game was mediocre at best. Wasn't a gem

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kraenk12727d ago

Agreed...I expected much more. It had great graphics and atmosphere but all in all was a good game but nothing special.

kraenk12727d ago

After the amazing first game the only thing great with this game was the story. The open world felt empty and all in all the game was a disappointment to me.

LucasRuinedChildhood727d ago

I had very mixed opinions on Mafia 2. I loved the story, the atmosphere and some of the missions. But ... the half-baked open world (sometimes the NPCs run into chairs and walls and there's not much to do), how easy it was to die while driving (I can only role play and drive carefully for so long - I mean, Jesus), the poor checkpoints (in the open world) instead of normal open world spawn points (this builds onto my previous point), the lack of gun variety (you spend most of the game with that damn hand gun), etc really hurt it.

It is definitely a game worth playing and coming to a conclusion on though. I don't regret playing it.