Battlefield 1 - How to Kill Elite Classes With Ease

Looking for a fast and easy way to plow through those Elite Classes in Battlefield 1? Check out this one easy tip to get the job done.

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Koopdogg1791d ago

Just use gas grenades on them

Rimeskeem1791d ago

Incendiary grenades work best.

Koopdogg1790d ago

I bet they do but i never carry any of them,love my gas too much hehehe

Deadpooled1790d ago

Pop inside a tank and destroy the sentry gunner.

WellyUK1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

bayonet. Easy mode. Also K bullets are great vs sentry

csreynolds1790d ago

Lzy gamers is right. Did anyone proof this article?