All 10 Nintendo Switch Games Revealed So Far

Today's Nintendo Switch reveal gave us a glimpse at some of the games we'll be seeing on the system. Here's everything we've seen so far.

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solderman1458d ago

Many are not confirmed. It was a sizzle reel nothing more.

Big_Game_Hunters1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

The console has no pre orders up and probably won't until 2017. Nintendo would gain nothing from lying to people at this point. IMO NBA and Skyrim remasterd are about as confirmed as Mario kart and splatoon remasterd.
Odds are its just some typical Nintendo weird NDA that doesn't make any sense.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

They can't say anything because NDA. Which why Nintendo said we won't hear any more news or game announcement til 2017. That why a lot of them said a later date, another time, look forward to bring their games and franchises to it.

Some Indie Devs have already confirmed games or stated they have games coming.

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