The Orange Box and more now backwards compatable on Xbox One

The Orange Box, Joe Danger 2: The Movie & Galaga Legions are coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today.

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gangsta_red732d ago

Played the living hell out of TF2. Would have been nice to see more support for the game on consoles.

Morgue732d ago

This is good news because I'm getting rid of my 360

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732d ago
jholden3249732d ago

Awesome. Half Life 2 finally!

Wish I had it for PSVR though. Dang those VR exclusives.

mhunterjr732d ago

Orange box!?!?!? I been holding onto the disk, thinking the day would never come!

Fist4achin732d ago

If there is going to be full backwards compatibility on the Scorpio, why do they continue to work on this now?! I'm patiently waiting for it...

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