Why Red Dead Redemption 2 Should Not Feature John Marston

With rumors circulating that John Marston could feature in Red Dead Redemption 2, his involvement could strike a blow to retuning fans.

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vikingland11793d ago

I would prefer a whole new lead character.

1793d ago
SoulWarrior1793d ago

Agreed, please don't be a prequel.

cartoonx11793d ago

theres alot of story we dont know abt why martson was doing the job for tht old man, so i believe they had this already planned like this when 1st was released.

Skankinruby1793d ago

Uh because he's dead and prequels suck? Pretty simple

smolinsk1793d ago

yea but if it was a prequel he would be alive, problem solved;)

brianunfried1793d ago

I hope the have three main characters like GTA V, I would like to play as a Native American character.

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