Digital Distribution: A Future that Forgets the Past

A look at the inherent problems of an all digital future and how we may lose classics from the past.

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SegaGamer780d ago

It's one of the main reasons why i don't like the idea of an all digital future. Games getting delisted should NEVER happen. Castle of Illusion remastered was delisted a couple of weeks ago, and now the DLC of Forza Horizon has received the same fate. I don't think this should ever happen personally, no game should ever become unobtainable.

How can an all digital future be the way forward when it has these flaws ?

780d ago
s45gr32780d ago

It doesn't affect PC gaming that much thanks to emulators, gog, amazon, etc. offering games from yesteryear. Yes is time for Xbox Live Family Share Plan/Steam share plan to come to fruition. Able to share games digitally would be a huge step forward for digital distribution. Reselling games digitally that is more difficult to implement.