WWE 2K17 Review | TSA

TSA Writes: "While Dave is a casual onlooker into the world of Professional Wrestling, He's found that it’s the more ridiculous games that are any fun to play. Those that take themselves too seriously often have overly complicated controls and the focus is more on being a simulation of the matches rather than the theatrical nature of the promotion. WWE 2K17 does a little to blur the lines between the physical activity and the drama, but it still feels too much like a simulation rather than a fun game."

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racer222803d ago

the really have something to learn from technos who created wwf superstars of wrestling


Are Wrestling Games Getting Worse?

Some of you may know that the latest instalment in the WWE gaming franchise 2K20 was released late last year to generally poor reviews. Some of this was based on graphical issues, but mostly it was due to the many glitches and bugs found – many of which are hilarious to witness.

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Atom6661619d ago

Fire Pro needs more love. The last PS4 title gets regular playtime from me.

I hear that there are financial troubles at the studio, but I'm hopeful for a Switch port one of these days.

The Wood1618d ago

Anyone remember Giant Gram Wrestling on the Dreamcast .....

Rambokind1618d ago

Ah hell yes! That was loads of fun.

Acecalibur1618d ago

Fire Pro just gets better. Buy it.

micdagoat191618d ago

I have Fire Pro for PS4 and PC but it seems more of like a Sim creator rather than people actually playing out matches. I still dont like anything as much as the N64 games

b163o11618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Golden Era of wrestling games in the Golden Era of wrestling. I've been contemplating going back and getting a N64 and getting those classic's
WWF Wrestlemania 2000
WWF No Mercy
WCW vs. nWo Revenge

micdagoat191615d ago

Yeah its the only wrestling games I still play consistently for fun.

TheTony3161618d ago

Yes. The last great wrestling game was svr 2006.

addictedtochaos1618d ago

Yes, the WWE ones at least. The last good one was 2K14 and the last great one was Here Comes the Pain.

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Three games are leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of April 2018

James writes - "As the month of April passes by, we prepare to say goodbye to a selection of titles currently available in the Xbox Game Pass library. Want to know which ones will be leaving the subscription at the end of the month?"

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letsa_go2261d ago

The following games listed below are set to leave Xbox Game Pass on April 30th:

WWE 2K17 – Xbox One
NBA 2K17 – Xbox One
Lumo – Xbox One

lxeasy2260d ago

I guess the wwe game was there for Wrestle Mania season.

S2Killinit2260d ago

I didnt know games leave the service. How many games are on there at any time brw?

BLAKHOODe2260d ago Show
solderman2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

and this is problem with the service right there. It is more akin to demo/trial service but you have to pay for it.

PhantomS422261d ago

It's essentially Netflix but for games and when you subscribe you already know that. Things come and go and come again on Netflix all the time, same with Amazon, and Hulu. No one said if you pay ten bucks you get to keep all these games.

oKidUKo2261d ago

Indeed, that's clearly the model they've gone for with Game Pass.

LiamKreptic2260d ago

Still a crap model for games...